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This is a complete listing of the animations built into Second Life. The name and UUID information was extracted from the Second Life client source code ([Your directory for the source code of Second Life]\indra\llcharacter\llanimationstates.cpp and llanimationstates.h and from the Second Life client installation folder viewerart.ini [Your directory where Second Life is installed]\app_settings\viewerart.xml) with some missing file names filled in from in-world testing. It should be complete as of January 2013. Looped animations are those that need to be explicitly stopped.

About Animation Priority

Priorities reported are those from the viewer version (but they haven't changed in several years) and are the animation's global priority. Animations also have priorities for each bone in the animation, which will override the animation's global priority for that bone. When uploading an animation there is no interface to set individual bone priorities; they default to the animation's global priority (which is configurable).

User-playable animations

These animations can be triggered by the simulator, viewer, or scripts. Corresponding BVH files may be downloaded from here (ZIP format, 926k), you may also want .obj files for the SL avatar mesh. These animations and avatar mesh are available under the Creative Commons 3.0 license.

Animation Name UUID Filename Priority Looped Description
express_afraid 6b61c8e8-4747-0d75-12d7-e49ff207a4ca avatar_express_afraid.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_afraid_emote
aim_r_bazooka b5b4a67d-0aee-30d2-72cd-77b333e932ef avatar_aim_r_bazooka.bvh 2 Yes Also triggers targeting
aim_l_bow 46bb4359-de38-4ed8-6a22-f1f52fe8f506 avatar_aim_l_bow.bvh 2 Yes Also triggers targeting
aim_r_handgun 3147d815-6338-b932-f011-16b56d9ac18b avatar_aim_r_handgun.bvh 2 Yes Also triggers targeting
aim_r_rifle ea633413-8006-180a-c3ba-96dd1d756720 avatar_aim_r_rifle.bvh 2 Yes Also triggers targeting
express_anger 5747a48e-073e-c331-f6f3-7c2149613d3e avatar_express_anger.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_anger_emote
away fd037134-85d4-f241-72c6-4f42164fedee avatar_away.bvh 2 Yes Places avatar in Away mode.
backflip c4ca6188-9127-4f31-0158-23c4e2f93304 avatar_backflip.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_laugh_emote
express_laugh 18b3a4b5-b463-bd48-e4b6-71eaac76c515 avatar_express_laugh.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_laugh_emote
blowkiss db84829b-462c-ee83-1e27-9bbee66bd624 avatar_blowkiss.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_kiss
express_bored b906c4ba-703b-1940-32a3-0c7f7d791510 avatar_express_bored.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_bored_emote
bow 82e99230-c906-1403-4d9c-3889dd98daba avatar_bow.bvh 2 No
brush 349a3801-54f9-bf2c-3bd0-1ac89772af01 avatar_brush.bvh 2 No
busy efcf670c-2d18-8128-973a-034ebc806b67 2 Yes No actual animation. Causes llGetAgentInfo to return AGENT_BUSY and adds "(Busy)" to avatar's title. Triggered by the viewer's busy mode, but does not fully set that mode by itself.
clap 9b0c1c4e-8ac7-7969-1494-28c874c4f668 avatar_clap.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_toothsmile
courtbow 9ba1c942-08be-e43a-fb29-16ad440efc50 avatar_courtbow.bvh 2 No
crouch 201f3fdf-cb1f-dbec-201f-7333e328ae7c avatar_crouch.bvh 0 Yes
crouchwalk 47f5f6fb-22e5-ae44-f871-73aaaf4a6022 avatar_crouchwalk.bvh 0 Yes
express_cry 92624d3e-1068-f1aa-a5ec-8244585193ed avatar_express_cry.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_cry_emote
turn_180 038fcec9-5ebd-8a8e-0e2e-6e71a0a1ac53 avatar_turn_180.bvh 5 Yes Adds "(Editing Appearance)" to avatar's title
turnback_180 6883a61a-b27b-5914-a61e-dda118a9ee2c avatar_turnback_180.bvh 3 No
dance1 b68a3d7c-de9e-fc87-eec8-543d787e5b0d avatar_dance1.bvh 2 No
dance2 928cae18-e31d-76fd-9cc9-2f55160ff818 avatar_dance2.bvh 2 No
dance3 30047778-10ea-1af7-6881-4db7a3a5a114 avatar_dance3.bvh 2 No
dance4 951469f4-c7b2-c818-9dee-ad7eea8c30b7 avatar_dance4.bvh 2 No
dance5 4bd69a1d-1114-a0b4-625f-84e0a5237155 avatar_dance5.bvh 2 No
dance6 cd28b69b-9c95-bb78-3f94-8d605ff1bb12 avatar_dance6.bvh 2 No
dance7 a54d8ee2-28bb-80a9-7f0c-7afbbe24a5d6 avatar_dance7.bvh 2 No
dance8 b0dc417c-1f11-af36-2e80-7e7489fa7cdc avatar_dance8.bvh 2 No
dead 57abaae6-1d17-7b1b-5f98-6d11a6411276 avatar_dead.bvh 4 Yes Also triggers express_surprise_emote
drink 0f86e355-dd31-a61c-fdb0-3a96b9aad05f avatar_drink.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_laugh_emote
express_embarrased 514af488-9051-044a-b3fc-d4dbf76377c6 avatar_express_embarrased.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_embarrassed_emote
express_afraid_emote aa2df84d-cf8f-7218-527b-424a52de766e avatar_express_afraid_emote.bvh 1 No Facial expression
express_anger_emote 1a03b575-9634-b62a-5767-3a679e81f4de avatar_express_anger_emote.bvh 1 No Facial expression
express_bored_emote 214aa6c1-ba6a-4578-f27c-ce7688f61d0d avatar_express_bored_emote.bvh 1 No Facial expression
express_cry_emote d535471b-85bf-3b4d-a542-93bea4f59d33 avatar_express_cry_emote.bvh 1 No Facial expression
express_disdain d4416ff1-09d3-300f-4183-1b68a19b9fc1 avatar_express_disdain_emote.bvh 1 No Facial expression
express_embarrassed_emote 0b8c8211-d78c-33e8-fa28-c51a9594e424 avatar_express_embarrassed_emote.bvh 1 No Facial expression
express_frown fee3df48-fa3d-1015-1e26-a205810e3001 avatar_express_frown.bvh 1 No Facial expression
express_kiss 1e8d90cc-a84e-e135-884c-7c82c8b03a14 avatar_express_kiss.bvh 1 No Facial expression
express_laugh_emote 62570842-0950-96f8-341c-809e65110823 avatar_express_laugh_emote.bvh 1 No Facial expression
express_open_mouth d63bc1f9-fc81-9625-a0c6-007176d82eb7 avatar_express_open_mouth.bvh 1 No Facial expression
express_repulsed_emote f76cda94-41d4-a229-2872-e0296e58afe1 avatar_express_repulsed_emote.bvh 1 No Facial expression
express_sad_emote eb6ebfb2-a4b3-a19c-d388-4dd5c03823f7 avatar_express_sad_emote.bvh 1 No Facial expression
express_shrug_emote a351b1bc-cc94-aac2-7bea-a7e6ebad15ef avatar_express_shrug_emote.bvh 1 No Facial expression
express_smile b7c7c833-e3d3-c4e3-9fc0-131237446312 avatar_express_smile.bvh 1 No Facial expression
express_surprise_emote 728646d9-cc79-08b2-32d6-937f0a835c24 avatar_express_surprise.bvh 1 No Facial expression
express_tongue_out 835965c6-7f2f-bda2-5deb-2478737f91bf avatar_express_tongue_out.bvh 1 No Facial expression
express_toothsmile b92ec1a5-e7ce-a76b-2b05-bcdb9311417e avatar_express_toothsmile.bvh 1 No Facial expression
express_wink_emote da020525-4d94-59d6-23d7-81fdebf33148 avatar_express_wink_emote.bvh 1 No Facial expression
express_worry_emote 9c05e5c7-6f07-6ca4-ed5a-b230390c3950 avatar_express_worry_emote.bvh 1 No Facial expression
falldown 666307d9-a860-572d-6fd4-c3ab8865c094 avatar_falldown.bvh 3 Yes
female_walk f5fc7433-043d-e819-8298-f519a119b688 avatar_female_walk.bvh 3 & 0 Yes (priority 3 for pelvis and legs, 0 for everything else)
angry_fingerwag c1bc7f36-3ba0-d844-f93c-93be945d644f avatar_angry_fingerwag.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_frown
fist_pump 7db00ccd-f380-f3ee-439d-61968ec69c8a avatar_fist_pump.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_toothsmile
fly aec4610c-757f-bc4e-c092-c6e9caf18daf avatar_fly.bvh 0 Yes
flyslow 2b5a38b2-5e00-3a97-a495-4c826bc443e6 avatar_flyslow.bvh 0 Yes
hello 9b29cd61-c45b-5689-ded2-91756b8d76a9 avatar_hello.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_toothsmile
hold_r_bazooka ef62d355-c815-4816-2474-b1acc21094a6 avatar_hold_r_bazooka.bvh 2 Yes Automatically replaced by aim_r_bazooka in mouselook
hold_l_bow 8b102617-bcba-037b-86c1-b76219f90c88 avatar_hold_l_bow.bvh 2 Yes Automatically replaced by aim_l_bow in mouselook
hold_r_handgun efdc1727-8b8a-c800-4077-975fc27ee2f2 avatar_hold_r_handgun.bvh 2 Yes Automatically replaced by aim_r_handgun in mouselook
hold_r_rifle 3d94bad0-c55b-7dcc-8763-033c59405d33 avatar_hold_r_rifle.bvh 2 Yes Automatically replaced by aim_r_rifle in mouselook
hold_throw_r 7570c7b5-1f22-56dd-56ef-a9168241bbb6 avatar_hold_throw_r.bvh ? ? (Missing as of 2008-06-12)
hover 4ae8016b-31b9-03bb-c401-b1ea941db41d avatar_hover.bvh 0 Yes
hover_down 20f063ea-8306-2562-0b07-5c853b37b31e avatar_hover_down.bvh 0 Yes
hover_up 62c5de58-cb33-5743-3d07-9e4cd4352864 avatar_hover_up.bvh 0 Yes
impatient 5ea3991f-c293-392e-6860-91dfa01278a3 avatar_impatient.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_frown
jump 2305bd75-1ca9-b03b-1faa-b176b8a8c49e avatar_jump.bvh 0 Yes
jumpforjoy 709ea28e-1573-c023-8bf8-520c8bc637fa avatar_jumpforjoy.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_laugh_emote
kissmybutt 19999406-3a3a-d58c-a2ac-d72e555dcf51 avatar_kissmybutt.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_kiss
land 7a17b059-12b2-41b1-570a-186368b6aa6f avatar_land.bvh 0 Yes Stopped automatically by viewer
laugh_short ca5b3f14-3194-7a2b-c894-aa699b718d1f avatar_laugh_short.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_laugh_emote
soft_land f4f00d6e-b9fe-9292-f4cb-0ae06ea58d57 avatar_soft_land.bvh 2 Yes Stopped automatically by viewer
motorcycle_sit 08464f78-3a8e-2944-cba5-0c94aff3af29 avatar_motorcycle_sit.bvh 4 Yes
musclebeach 315c3a41-a5f3-0ba4-27da-f893f769e69b avatar_musclebeach.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_anger_emote
no_head 5a977ed9-7f72-44e9-4c4c-6e913df8ae74 avatar_no_head.bvh 2 No
no_unhappy d83fa0e5-97ed-7eb2-e798-7bd006215cb4 avatar_no_unhappy.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_frown
nyanya f061723d-0a18-754f-66ee-29a44795a32f avatar_nyanya.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_tongue_out
punch_onetwo eefc79be-daae-a239-8c04-890f5d23654a avatar_punch_onetwo.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_frown
peace b312b10e-65ab-a0a4-8b3c-1326ea8e3ed9 avatar_peace.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_smile
point_me 17c024cc-eef2-f6a0-3527-9869876d7752 avatar_point_me.bvh 2 No
point_you ec952cca-61ef-aa3b-2789-4d1344f016de avatar_point_you.bvh 2 No
prejump 7a4e87fe-de39-6fcb-6223-024b00893244 avatar_prejump.bvh 0 Yes Stopped automatically by viewer SVC-3860
punch_l f3300ad9-3462-1d07-2044-0fef80062da0 avatar_punch_l.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_frown
punch_r c8e42d32-7310-6906-c903-cab5d4a34656 avatar_punch_r.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_frown
express_repulsed 36f81a92-f076-5893-dc4b-7c3795e487cf avatar_express_repulsed.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_repulsed_emote
kick_roundhouse_r 49aea43b-5ac3-8a44-b595-96100af0beda avatar_kick_roundhouse_r.bvh 2 No also triggers express_anger_emote
rps_countdown 35db4f7e-28c2-6679-cea9-3ee108f7fc7f avatar_rps_countdown.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_toothsmile
rps_paper 0836b67f-7f7b-f37b-c00a-460dc1521f5a avatar_rps_paper.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_surprise_emote
rps_rock 42dd95d5-0bc6-6392-f650-777304946c0f avatar_rps_rock.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_surprise_emote
rps_scissors 16803a9f-5140-e042-4d7b-d28ba247c325 avatar_rps_scissors.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_surprise_emote
run 05ddbff8-aaa9-92a1-2b74-8fe77a29b445 avatar_run.bvh 0 Yes
express_sad 0eb702e2-cc5a-9a88-56a5-661a55c0676a avatar_express_sad.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_sad_emote
salute cd7668a6-7011-d7e2-ead8-fc69eff1a104 avatar_salute.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_frown
shoot_l_bow e04d450d-fdb5-0432-fd68-818aaf5935f8 avatar_shoot_l_bow.bvh 2 No
shout 6bd01860-4ebd-127a-bb3d-d1427e8e0c42 avatar_shout.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_laugh_emote. Sent with "shout" volume chat from viewer
express_shrug 70ea714f-3a97-d742-1b01-590a8fcd1db5 avatar_express_shrug.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_shrug_emote
sit 1a5fe8ac-a804-8a5d-7cbd-56bd83184568 avatar_sit.bvh 4 Yes Automatically replaced by sit_female if female shape is worn
sit_female b1709c8d-ecd3-54a1-4f28-d55ac0840782 avatar_sit_female.bvh 4 Yes
sit_ground 1c7600d6-661f-b87b-efe2-d7421eb93c86 avatar_sit_ground.bvh 3 Yes
sit_ground_constrained 1a2bd58e-87ff-0df8-0b4c-53e047b0bb6e avatar_sit_ground_constrained.bvh 3 Yes
sit_generic 245f3c54-f1c0-bf2e-811f-46d8eeb386e7 avatar_sit_generic.bvh 4 Yes
sit_to_stand a8dee56f-2eae-9e7a-05a2-6fb92b97e21e avatar_sit_to_stand.bvh 2 No
sleep f2bed5f9-9d44-39af-b0cd-257b2a17fe40 avatar_sleep.bvh 4 Yes
smoke_idle d2f2ee58-8ad1-06c9-d8d3-3827ba31567a avatar_smoke_idle.bvh 2 No
smoke_inhale 6802d553-49da-0778-9f85-1599a2266526 avatar_smoke_inhale.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_kiss
smoke_throw_down 0a9fb970-8b44-9114-d3a9-bf69cfe804d6 avatar_smoke_throw_down.bvh 2 No
snapshot eae8905b-271a-99e2-4c0e-31106afd100c avatar_snapshot.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_toothsmile
stand 2408fe9e-df1d-1d7d-f4ff-1384fa7b350f avatar_stand.bvh 0 Yes
standup 3da1d753-028a-5446-24f3-9c9b856d9422 avatar_standup.bvh 3 Yes Stopped automatically by viewer. Viewer also randomly triggers brush on stop.
stand_1 15468e00-3400-bb66-cecc-646d7c14458e avatar_stand_1.bvh 0 Yes Stopped automatically by viewer
stand_2 370f3a20-6ca6-9971-848c-9a01bc42ae3c avatar_stand_2.bvh 0 Yes Stopped automatically by viewer
stand_3 42b46214-4b44-79ae-deb8-0df61424ff4b avatar_stand_3.bvh 0 Yes Stopped automatically by viewer
stand_4 f22fed8b-a5ed-2c93-64d5-bdd8b93c889f avatar_stand_4.bvh 0 Yes Stopped automatically by viewer
stretch 80700431-74ec-a008-14f8-77575e73693f avatar_stretch.bvh 2 No
stride 1cb562b0-ba21-2202-efb3-30f82cdf9595 avatar_stride.bvh 1 Yes
surf 41426836-7437-7e89-025d-0aa4d10f1d69 avatar_surf.bvh 4 Yes
express_surprise 313b9881-4302-73c0-c7d0-0e7a36b6c224 avatar_express_surprise.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_surprise_emote
sword_strike_r 85428680-6bf9-3e64-b489-6f81087c24bd avatar_sword_strike_r.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_frown
talk 5c682a95-6da4-a463-0bf6-0f5b7be129d1 avatar_talk.bvh 1 No Nod sent with "say" volume chat from viewer
angry_tantrum 11000694-3f41-adc2-606b-eee1d66f3724 avatar_angry_tantrum.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_anger_remote
throw_r aa134404-7dac-7aca-2cba-435f9db875ca avatar_throw_r.bvh 2 No
tryon_shirt 83ff59fe-2346-f236-9009-4e3608af64c1 avatar_tryon_shirt.bvh 1 No
turnleft 56e0ba0d-4a9f-7f27-6117-32f2ebbf6135 avatar_turnleft.bvh 3 & 1 Yes (priority 3 for pelvis and legs, 1 for everything else)
turnright 2d6daa51-3192-6794-8e2e-a15f8338ec30 avatar_turnright.bvh 3 & 1 Yes (priority 3 for pelvis and legs, 1 for everything else)
type c541c47f-e0c0-058b-ad1a-d6ae3a4584d9 avatar_type.bvh 2 Yes Also plays the typing sound when started
walk 6ed24bd8-91aa-4b12-ccc7-c97c857ab4e0 avatar_walk.bvh 3 & 0 Yes[1] Automatically replaced by female_walk if female shape is worn (priority 3 for pelvis and legs, 0 for everything else)
whisper 7693f268-06c7-ea71-fa21-2b30d6533f8f avatar_whisper.bvh 0 No Also triggers express_wink_emote. Sent with "whisper" volume chat from viewer
whistle b1ed7982-c68e-a982-7561-52a88a5298c0 avatar_whistle.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_kiss
express_wink 869ecdad-a44b-671e-3266-56aef2e3ac2e avatar_express_wink.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_wink_emote
wink_hollywood c0c4030f-c02b-49de-24ba-2331f43fe41c avatar_wink_hollywood.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_wink_emote
express_worry 9f496bd2-589a-709f-16cc-69bf7df1d36c avatar_express_worry.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_worry_emote
yes_head 15dd911d-be82-2856-26db-27659b142875 avatar_yes_head.bvh 2 No
yes_happy b8c8b2a3-9008-1771-3bfc-90924955ab2d avatar_yes_happy.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_toothsmile
yoga_float 42ecd00b-9947-a97c-400a-bbc9174c7aeb avatar_yoga_float.bvh 2 No Also triggers express_bored_remote

Facial expressions

Samples of the facial expressions from the table above, click to enlarge.

Viewer-generated motions

Some types of movement are generated at run time by the viewer, in response to the environment. Like regular animations most have names and UUIDs, but they are not available to be stopped, started or even seen by scripts. These motions do have priorities and can be overridden. Names and UUIDs are defined in newview/llvoavatar.h.

Animation Name UUID Source Priority Description
body_noise 9aa8b0a6-0c6f-9518-c7c3-4f41f2c001ad LLBodyNoiseMotion in newview/llvoavatar.cpp 2 Minor body turns. Joints moved: torso.
breathe_rot 4c5a103e-b830-2f1c-16bc-224aa0ad5bc8 LLBreatheMotionRot in newview/llvoavatar.cpp 1 Breathing simulation. Joints moved: chest
editing 2a8eba1d-a7f8-5596-d44a-b4977bf8c8bb LLEditingMotion in llcharacter/lleditingmotion.cpp 2 Left arm follows selected and edited objects. Joints moved: left shoulder, left elbow, left wrist, torso.
eye 5c780ea8-1cd1-c463-a128-48c023f6fbea LLEyeMotion in /llheadrotmotion.cpp 1 Eye rotation and blinking. Joints moved: head, left eye, right eye
fly_adjust db95561f-f1b0-9f9a-7224-b12f71af126e LLFlyAdjustMotion in llcharacter/llkeyframewalkmotion.cpp 3 Add body roll during flight. Joints moved: pelvis
hand_motion ce986325-0ba7-6e6e-cc24-b17c4b795578 LLHandMotion in llcharacter/llhandmotion.cpp 1 Sets standard hand poses defined in other animations
head_rot e6e8d1dd-e643-fff7-b238-c6b4b056a68d LLHeadRotMotion in llcharacter/llheadrotmotion.cpp 1 Moves head and torso to follow the avatar's look at position (cursor, camera). Joints moved: torso, neck, head
pelvis_fix 0c5dd2a2-514d-8893-d44d-05beffad208b LLPelvisFixMotion in newview/llvoavatar.cpp 0 Makes corrections to keep avatar standing upright. Joints moved: pelvis
target 0e4896cb-fba4-926c-f355-8720189d5b55 LLTargetingMotion in llcharacter/lltargetingmotion.cpp 2 Move body with look at position, used during aim_* animations above. Joints moved: pelvis, torso, right wrist
walk_adjust 829bc85b-02fc-ec41-be2e-74cc6dd7215d LLWalkAdjustMotion in llcharacter/llkeyframewalkmotion.cpp 2 Makes walking corrections for terrain, turns. Joints moved: pelvis, left ankle, right ankle
Lipsync_Ooh Lipsync_Aah (none assigned) character/avatar_lad.xml Mouth movement for voice lip sync feature


  1. ^ "walk" is treated specially in the viewer. The animation played standalone is not looped, the viewer does the looping so it can adjust for walking speed. Since viewer 2.1, the walk loop rate is fixed so it behaves like a normal looped animation. If you want to use the default walk in a scripted device with a sitting avatar, female_walk will give better results.