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"Machinima" is a neologism based on the phrase machine cinema. The term is used to distinguish between traditional animation techniques (which use specialized 3D animation software) and animation projects that record the action in real-time interactive 3D environments, such as single-player video games or Second Life. See the Wikipedia entry for more details.

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Visit Machinimatographers for an ever-expanding list of Machinimatographers working in Second Life.

Machinima Content Companies

For information on Second Life content companies offering Machinima services, see Machinima Content Companies.

Machinima Friendly Sims

Visit Machinima Friendly Sims for an ever-expanding list of sims that allow for filming in Second Life.


For recording Machinima see the Movie Recording page.

Any Platform

  • DGiG - personal & local simulator great for filming Second Life Machinima


  • Editing



  • Editing
    • Adobe Premiere - ($799) Editing Software [1]
    • Avid Media Composer - (€2,391.95) Professional grade video editing software [2]
    • Pinnacle Studio - ($49.99) Consumer grade video editing software from Avid [3]
    • Sony Vegas - (€34.95) Editing software featuring comprehensive audio manipulation capabilities [4]
    • Magix - ($39.99) Simple, pricy editing for dummies and pro's [5]
    • VirtualDub - Freeware (GNU GPL) editing software, many plugins available [6] Change framerate, size and compression, edit and mix, add subtitles etc. Use Xvid MPEG-4 Codec and Lame MP3 as output for best results.


  • Detailed listing of plug-ins by host application [7]
  • Antonino Perricone's Luce (AE/PPRO) Free light ray effects plugin for After Effects and Premiere [8]
  • Digieffects (AE/FCP/PPRO) Simulation and manipulation plugins [9]
  • Magic Bullet Instant HD (AE/FCP/PPRO) Upscales SD footage to HD and improves the clarity of low resolution footage [10]
  • Magic Bullet Looks (AE/AVID/FCP/PPRO/VEGAS) Professional film emulation and color grading software [11]
  • NewBlueFX (AE/AVID/FCP/PPRO/VEGAS) Effects, transition and film emulation plugin packs [12]

Supplemental Software

  • List of screencasting software [13]
  • Adobe After Effects - Post processing software and base for a wide array of video plug-ins (Windows, Mac) [14]
  • Audacity - Free sound editing software (Windows, Mac, and Linux) [15]
  • Blender includes a video editor [16] and compositing system [17] for special effects. Free download for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. [18]
  • FXhome - Creators of EffectsLab [19] and VisionLab [20] software for post processed effects [21]
  • Kuler - A free web based application for creating and sampling color schemes for image and video work. Kuler can be employed to identify complimentary colors as a precursor to color grading. [22]
  • particleIllusion - Particle visual effects software [23]
  • Reallusion - Makers of CrazyTalk [24] and iClone [25], which can be used in post-processing to refine machinima. [26]
  • SmartSound - Developers of software and audio tracks for creating custom length scores that can be tailored to a scene. Roughly 200 albums of music and sound effects are available encompassing a wide range of genres, including cinematic scores and corporate backing tracks. [27]


  • Auto-Cam Pro - Automatic, cinematic camera positioning keeps your avatar in frame at all times. (Tryptofaa Sands) [28]
  • LUMIPro - Zero rez and inworld lighting for actors and models including projection prim and dynamic effects specifically for machinima. Details and demos available here. (Stefan Buscaylet) [29]
  • 3DConnexion Space Navigator - An orb that is used in conjunction with the Joystick Flycam function in Second Life for smooth shots. It retails for about 60 USD. [30]
  • Alt-Zoom Camera - A free camera designed to create dolly shots. You can find it in Lukanida. (BuhBuhCuh Fairchild) [31]
  • Bijocam - Fixed angle cameras for when you need to do timelapse machinima.(Yumi Murakami) [32]
  • Cam Voyager - A camera control hud that lets you use the keyboard to move your camera around freely, now with the ability to save camera positions and return to them later, as well as the ability to enter in coordinates manually. (Cerra Wilder) [33]
  • Filming Path - the machinimator's universal tool - HUD for creating camera movement paths and more, very helpful (Geuis Dassin & Nand Nerd) [34]
  • Illumine Professional Lighting - talent wears the Illumine Pro. You control the intensity, color, and position of the lighting on that talent. Learn more about and obtain the Illumine Pro via the profile picks for its creator, Illumine Demina. (Illumine Demina) [35]
  • MachinimaCam HUD - An avatar centric scripted camera that operates without any visible interface. Avaliable through SLX, OnRez or inworld. (CodeBastard Redgrave) [36]
  • Silver Stream Network media system that breaks the 'one movie per parcel myth'. A fully functional media solution that includes a open playlist in each player/screen combination unit. A single server on a Sim, can support upto 30+ screen/player units, irrespective of parceling or land ownership.
  • Gexo One - A beautifully sculpted Camcorder based on RED, the famous digital cinematography camera. Great Prop Camera for Machinima Makers.


  • Tube2SL, dead link - Regular weekly film trivia contests, DJ hosted parties, live musicians and other quality entertainment. Search the events calender inworld for Tube2SL.


  • Torley's Guide to Making Movies! - FEATURED! Get started quickly with machinima! Years of experience distilled into a fun guide with video tutorials.
  • How to use the Alt-Zoom Camera - A quick tutorial designed to show you how to set up and configure your camera. [37]
  • How to turn off the UI - Please note that the hotkey has changed to CTRL+ALT+F1! [38]
  • How to use the Second Life camera controls - Part of the Noob Be Gone series [39]
  • How to do machinima on a Mac - An informative look at how Mac users are able to capture and encode machinima [40]
  • How to use the MachinimaCam HUD - Complete and detailed instructions on how to setup and operate the MachinimaCam HUD. Includes tips and tricks for making machinima. [41]
  • Alt-Zoom camera tutorial by Nimrod - Another tutorial made by Nimrod to show you the basics of the Alt-Zoom camera. [42]
  • BASICS: Looking around with camera controls - By Torley Linden.

Tips and Tricks

  • Using the 'Ken Burns' movement/panning and cropping animations technique and adding 'atmospherics' to your movies using lighting effects masks Forum Link
  • For users of Creative Soundblaster Audigy and Audigy 2 cards (and possibly Audigy 4), in order to stop the "doppler" effect on the recording of your voice (if you voice over your film while recording in Second Life) you need to open your Creative Control Panel and turns off ALL E.A.X effects on all tabs. Once you have done this your voice will be clean on recordings. The Second Life client overrides the EAX effects on older Audigy cards, setting the effects manually with the client closed locks them in place.



  • - A growing Second Life Machinima community based around the Tube2SL Island sim of Gateway. Film projects, opportunities, contests and events will be publicised via group notice.
  • Tube2SL Actors Guild - A group for those interested in acting and voice acting in machinima productions.
  • Second Life Film Society - This group exists to explore new ways of using Second Life to create film (machinima). We will also explore streaming live video from SL to the web as well as from SL to other locations in SL (SLTV). The Revolution Must Be Televised!
  • The Machinima Institute group is for anyone interested in sharing tips or answering questions from people getting started creating machinima. Pick up a box of introductory instructional slides on machinima workflow and camera controls at Library Studios Island [43]
  • SL Machinima, Building, and Design - This group is made up of real life video, audio, and design artists/producers. We have united to push the limits in second Media. The SLMBD uses the most modern tools when it come to SL and RL. We specialize in Machinima (sl video), sim construction, custom graphics, and about anything else SL media/design related.--If you wish to join, you must be hard working, creative, and experenced (note: entrance fee!)
  • SecondLife Machinima Artists Guild (M.A.G.) - The MAG has a thriving community website where SecondLife machinima producers, actors, directors and technicians collaborate and share experiences. The membership ranges from people who are just starting to make machinima to seasoned professionals. The Guild has an in-world group called the SL Machinima Artists Guild for real-time help in-world. Visit the SL Machinima Artists Guild (M.A.G.) InfoHUB at NeoVictoriain-world for additional information.
  • Machinimatographers of Second Life Mailing List - A mailing list to keep interested individuals alerted to machinima (machine animation) opportunities, features, advice, software, and events in Second Life. You will find new colleagues and filming locations to aide you in filming. Read more about our unique machinima opportunities by subscribing to the list here.
  • Professional Machinima Artists Guild - The ProMAG is a subgroup of the SecondLife Machinima Artists Guild (M.A.G.) and this membership produces machinima professionally (for hire). It has a showcase website which features Sonicity Fitzroy's Magnum: The Machinima Review and machinima offerings from the membership. This is a closed group, membership is by invitation only. The corresponding in-world group is called the SL Machinima Pro Guild and is also invitation-only.
  • Machinimatographers Group - This an open group for machinimatographers and machinima producers, directors, designers and actors who are interested in freely sharing techniques, information, ideas and projects related to machinima. Members are free to send notices about all machinima related activities, events, and productions including classes, workshops, screenings, casting calls, contests, etc. As long as it is related to machinima, it will be shared with the group.

Locations and props:

  • Tube2SL Island - The island of Gateway is the home to the Tube2SL Cinema Complex and Machinima Recording Studios. Broadcast your videos in our 8 screen cinema complex via our website FREE use the Tube2SL Cinema Complex for your videos launch party. Contact SL Loonie for more information.
  • Movix - Movie and Music production - Their entire sim is being designed as a complete machinima studio. This is based on the real world model with various street and interior sets. They have shops for Costumes, Props, Vehicles, a sandbox plus everything else you need to make your movie. You can show your film in their cinema (hosting extra if needed) or maybe even run a film festival. The Studio is free to book exclusively for your production ensuring lag free, uninterupted shooting. [44]
  • Alt-Zoom Theater and Sandbox - The island of Lukanida is home to Alt-Zoom Studios and an entire sim dedicated to building and filming your custom content for machinima purposes. [45]

Video Hosting Sites:

  • - Free site that allows you to upload a movie file of unlimited size and in as many formats as you'd like. It compresses the first upload into a handy flash file for posting on the web, but also keeps the original file intact. If you upload a Quicktime movie, you are able to use it in parcel media for in-world viewing. The pro account allows you to hide or password protect your videos and also allows for simultaneous uploading to the Internet Archive, as well as making your video available in additional formats for video and audio. [46]
  • JumpCut - Free site that allows you to upload movies and edit them online you will them be able to publish the videos on the website for other users to watch. Media on JumpCut remains on Jumpcut and cannot be streamed into Second Life.[47]
  • Tube2SL - An online broadcasting option that allows you to upload a .mov of 20mb or less for free posting on the site. You can then book your video for scheduled broadcasting throughout Second Life on our network of Resident owned TV's, Public Media Broadcasting Booths and the Tube2SL Cinema Complex. Get your FREE Tube2SL TV from the Tube2SL Island
  • Vimeo [48]
  • YouTube - An online hosting option that allows you to upload a movie in any format and it will then convert it to a flash file for posting on a site. [49]
  • SpiderVision - Video Sharing for Second Life! Upload a video in any format and it will then convert it to a mp4 file. The video page gives you a url to play your video in SL. [50]

Machinima Playlists:

Unassigned bugs in JIRA that pain

  • VWR-15876: Machinima Improvement Issues (meta-issue) [51]
  • VWR-2387: Animations always drift when uploading with an inner loop of anything except 0% - 100% [52]
  • VWR-1793: Hand Poses Not Uploaded Correctly [53]
  • VWR-4232: Some particles don't disappear when UI is hidden [54]
  • VWR-8726: Turn off swirling lights for scripted objects [55]