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Sculpted Prims
Seven prim couch by Xenius Revere, using baked ambient occlusion.
One prim head by Chip Midnight, using baked diffuse lighting.
Vase sculpture by Damanios Thetan


A Sculpted Prim, or sculptie, is a prim whose shape is determined by an array of x, y, z coordinates stored as RGB values in an image file (a Sculpt Texture or Sculpt Map). Sculpted prims can be used to create more complex, organic shapes that were not previously possible with the Second Life prim system. Each piece of fruit to the right is one prim (and so is the plate). For technical details, see Sculpted Prims: Technical Explanation.

An informal introduction to Sculpted Prims

Here is a video about the most important things you should know about Sculpted Prims. The video is made with Blender, but it focusses on the principles of Sculpted Prims, and thus it is completely independent from any 3D-tool.


How do I make Sculpted Prims

Presently, there are only a few limited tools inside Second Life for creating sculpties. They are usually created externally using a 3D modeling tool such as Blender, Maya, or Wings 3D, and then uploaded to Second Life, where they are applied to a prim with the build tools.

Further Informations can be found here:


20 June 2007

In-world group Sculptie Dev: group primarily for the communication/announcement of sculpted prim development.

24 May 2007

Linden Lab is running a contest: show off your sculpties for fun, fame and schwag! Read the blog for details. Deadline for submissions is June 1st.

23 May 2007

Sculpted prims are now available on the Main Grid as of version 1.16.0(5).

16 May 2007

An update to sculpted prims, included in the latest build of the beta viewer (1.16.0(1)), has two changes that are not backwards-compatible:

1) The orientation of the sculpt map (sculpt texture) is reversed. This means all previously created sculpt maps/textures need to be horizontally flipped (otherwise they'll appear inside out.) This change fixes the orientation discrepancy between sculpt maps/textures and surface textures (which have required a 90 degree rotate and flip.) (source)

2) The LSL call to set sculpted prims is changing to require two parameters: the texture and the topology type. (source: Talk page)

27 April 2007

Sculpted Prims made available on the preview grid.

Where can I find out more about Sculpted Prims?

Sculpted Prims have now a comprehensive FAQ wiki page.

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