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This page showcases special purpose tools for creating, manipulating, and viewing sculpted prims. Most of them are created by SL residents, but the reason they are on this page is that they are not general purpose 3D tools. For that list, see Sculpted Prims: 3d Software Guide.

Preview Tools

Offline Preview Tools

Basic tools that can be used to preview what a sculpt texture will look like when uploaded into Second Life and rendered as a prim. All of these are made by other Residents and should generally be considered beta or works in progress.

SculptPot Viewer

Use SculptPot to preview your sculpt maps off line. Load up a sculpty of any size and rotate and view in solid or wireframe mode. SculptPot resizes to your full screen size and you can zoom in to see the detail. Save as png, tga, bmp, jpg. Download SculptPot Viewer free of charge.


Sculpty previewer that allows you to preview with texture. Also allows you to paint directly on the surface to create texture maps. Support for layers. Full version allows texture maps to be saved as PSD and TGA.


  • Creator: Cel Edman
  • Link to get it: Download from website
  • Requires: Java Runtime Engine 1.6 or higher installed on your system. This is a simple Sculpt previewer created in Processing. Downloads available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Currenly not further developed, since Cel continues on developing Sculptypaint (Resident-made Sculpt Creation Tools) at the moment, that got this realtime previewer as well.

A Hacky Sculpt Previewer

  • Creator: Yumi Murakami
  • Link to get it: Web Start Launcher, Executable JAR file, Source Code (Java SDK required to run from the source).
  • Requires: Java Runtime Engine 1.6 or higher, Java 3d API and any OS that will run them (Win and Linux are well covered, Mac is not). If installing or upgrading the JRE, be sure to do it before installing Java3d. The Web Start link above should be able to automatically install any needed components. Note that it will attempt to automatically redirect your browser to a download page, so if nothing happens when you click on it, please check your security settings will allow this.


Open source sculpty previewer that also allows preview with texture.


Supports textured Sculpt preview with Second Life style texture parameters.

Site not active as of 6/2023

SIEE(Sculptie Importer Exporter and Editor)

  • Creator: Rex Cronon
  • Link to get it: Run it from website
  • Requires: Java Runtime Engine 1.6 or higher installed on your system. This is java applet. To run it you only need to have a browser that allows applets to run. It has many functions. I personally use it with ArtOfIllusions. I plan to have it allow the use of addons. If you have any questions, comments, or you find any bugs please send me an IM in world:) This program is free to use for a limited time. My only request is that you mention it:)

Thank you Eleanora Newell for hosting it:)

XNA Sculptpreview

  • Creator: Eddy Stryker
  • Link to get it: XNA Sculptpreview
  • Requires: Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista, along with the Microsoft XNA framework (see above link for details)
  • Derivatives: XNA SculptPreview - Modified version to include LOD and a more sensible camera configuration (and a bunch of other changes under the hood).

In-world Preview Tools

Tools that can be used to view in Second Life what a sculpt will look like before the texture is uploaded.

Sculpt Preview using Parcel Media

Tutorial on using the Parcel Media as a Sculpt Texture Preview. Example available at the in-world location listed below.

Texture Wizard (Commercial)

Works using the media texture on your land (you must own or rent land to use it) using QuickTime, the way an in-game TV does. Saving a .bmp, .jpg or .psd file will automatically update the image in-game. You can see your changes live on a prim. Avoids uploads until you are done (you must still upload for a permanent version). Also works just as a regular texture previewer.

  • Website:
  • In-World: Horowitz
  • Cost: L$399 (about $1.80 U.S.)
  • Operating Systems: Windows XP

Special purpose Sculpt Creation / Manipulation Tools

The tools listed here aren't fully-fledged 3d modelling programs — they are stand-alone tools for creating sculpt maps, usually in some limited way. As with the previewers above, consider them works in progress.

On the other hand, if they do what you want, a lathe tool, for example, then they are much easier than buying, setting up, learning, and using a full 3D modeller.


Makes a sculptie model of any region in SL. LandSculptor scans the sim region and creates a sculpt map texture you can use to make detailed models of your land. Rez the LandSculptor and start scanning and in about a minute, you'll be provided with a set of textures to make your own sculptie model.

LD Sculpty Protect

LD Sculpty Protect is a tool to protect sculpty textures in Second Life - that nobody can steal your hard work by simply making screenshots. It is optimized to manage multiple files at once. It is possible to use your own logo! See website for more information.

LD Sculpty Shrink

LD Sculpty Shrink is a tool to decrease size of sculpties to any size - to make sculpted nano prims for example. It is optimized to manage multiple files. (LD Sculpty Protect is included in this tool). See website for more information.

Math Sculptor 1.0

Math Sculptor is free application for creating and viewing sculpted primitives. It provides dynamic viewing and modification of sculpties. What differentiates this application is that it is build upon an extendible "addin" architecture. This allows others to easily create new algorithms that generate completely new types of sculpties. See for more information and sample sculpted primitives.


PloppSL allows you to create Sculpted Prims for Second Life by painting the front and back side of your model. Thus, texture and model are created in one step. You can create or use different textures for the front and backside of your model. You can also paint in your favored paint program, import the images into PloppSL by drag&drop and turn them into 3D models.


ROKURO Sculpted Prim Maker

Rokuro translates from Japanese as "lathe" and that's basically what this is: a standalone version of the lathe tool found in many 3d modeling programs that saves directly to sculpt maps. You draw a line in 2d by editing the various points and the program effectively spins that line around an axis to create the 3d object. Cylinders and polygonal prisms are both possible. Obviously limited to things you can create with this method so far, but easy for anyone to pick up and use and more features are still being added. Created by Yuzuru Jewell...arigato!



Turns a linkset of spheres, cylinders and boxes into a sculptie and outputs it as a web link (giving a lego-like feel of moving parts of your sculpt around fast and getting quasi-immediate results), which you click and do 'save file' to get your sculpt map. The sculptie will look as much like the linkset within certain technical limits, such as the fact it does not support twist.

You can fit 64 boxes into a sculptie; 28 for spheres; 85 for spikes, 23 cylinders of 8 sides, or mix thereof. As they can be placed independantly, you get the unprecedented ability to make several window frames per sculpt, for example.

The SculptCrafter is 100% functional if you use it in its sandbox, including ability to output sculpt and use/sell them as normal, except for the "10 prims per sculpt" limit and the fact you must create in its sandbox. The demo also works anywhere the 1rst of each month, which is handy for contests, classes, and other events. The full version works anywhere, anytime.

Sculpted Sim Terrain Mapper

  • Creator: Anjin Meili
  • Link to get it: Slexchange
  • Requires: Secondlife client and a object create and script permissions on a parcel.

The Sculpted Sim Terrain Mapper creates a sculpted primitive map in 3D of any given Simulator. The tool simply is rezzed onto a parcel in the sim, and allowed to run. It will report back to the operator a URL to pickup a completed sculpted texture in TGA format. The data collected may also be used to create higher detail maps of the simulator, by using more prims, up to an 8x8 grid of sculpted prims to represent a simulator. Or just the default of one prim for the entire simulator. While the packaged tool is fee based, due to the costs of operating the backend... There is an open source version written entirely in LSL that requires minimal server side support. Contact Anjin Meili for a copy of the open source code. This tool is an example of using data to create sculpted primitives, with very little interaction. The source details using PPM as a description format within LSL for the sculpted texture map.

Sculpt Studio

A high-end in-world sculpting tool for beginners, advanced and professional Sculptors, that allows to apply SL building skills to sculpting.

Sculpty Hider

This is a FREE alternative to Langweiliger's LD Sculpty Protect with all of the benefits.


A web-based series of tools, still rather primitive but constantly updating. Currently implemented are revolve and z,r revolve which both take a series of values (radii and z-pos,radii values respectively) and rotate them around the z-axis. Recently implemented a constant cross-section which extrudes a series of x,y values through the z-axis.

SculptyPaint v.092

Last update: march 10 - 2008. Realtime sculpt previewer. Drawing tool: manipulate the width, height and shape of the Sculpt. Edit RGB Layers, Flower, Stone, Stair and Point, Texturesketch and Morph Tool. Downloads available for Windows, Mac-OSX and Linux.


  • Creator: Anjin Meili
  • Link to get it: Slexchange
  • Requires: Secondlife client and a sandbox with at least 1100 primitives.

SnurbO'Matic is an in world tool that allows editing and creation of sculpties. The system uses a molding method, allowing a mesh to be molded around other inworld objects. Objects must not be phantom. The mold may be modified using normal in world build tools. Each mesh node is visualized as a sphere, and can be moved as desired. Once finished, the mold is saved and a casting produced thru an automated web process. The user gets a URL when completed for a TGA file containing the texture. This can be further refined using off grid tools, or simply uploaded to Second Life as is. For new modelers, its easier to start with a close approximation of an object, rather then manipulating a sphere to the object they wish. For landscapers, the tool can produce organic, smooth, and unique rocks, logs, etc. Search for the group SculptO'Matic, or visit our sandbox and lab in Talakin.

Sim Terrain Surveyor

  • Creator: Glox Parisi
  • Link to get it: SL-Exchange
  • Requires: Any graphics editor capable of portable pixmap files (*.ppm).

Scans the sim elevation profile and chats the readings which you then convert into a sculpt map texture using GIMP, ACDSee or Photoshop or any other graphics editor that supports .ppm portable pixmap files.

TATARA - Sculpted Prim Previewer and Editor

TATARA displays both a sculpted prim and its texture.

A sculpted Prim can be edited in the five modes:ROKURO/TOKOROTEN/MAGE/WAPPA/TSUCHI. The five modes can be combined and used. Furthermore, TATARA can correct coordinates for every control point in the BITMAP and TSUCHI mode. Created by Yuzuru Jewell...arigato!

Terrain Sculptor (Open Source)

Terrain Sculptor is a .NET application which uses a libsecondlife bot to retrieve the elevation data for a sim and generates a sculpty texture of the terrain. It also downloads the world map image from the web for use as a texture. The user can teleport to specific locations within sims and monitor the process through a graphical display. The operation usually takes a number of seconds after logging into a sim. Elevation data can be saved and loaded seperately. The application is relatively user-friendly but errors are not always handled informatively. The source code is open.

TOKOROTEN(extruder)Sculpted Prim Maker

This Program makes Sculpted Prim texture .tga file of the pushed-out object.

TOKOROTEN is Japanese jelly extruded to thin strips. An object will be pushed out if the form of the hole which you push out is made. You can twist or round an object. You draw a line in 2d by editing the various points and the program. Obviously limited to things you can create with this method so far, but easy for anyone to pick up and use and more features are still being added. Created by Resident Yuzuru Jewell...arigato!


File Converters

These utilities are made to translate 3d files directly into sculpt maps, with varying degrees of sucess.


A command-line utility that reads an OpenNURBS .3dm file and generates a .tga sculpt map from it. Still in need of a lot of testing but potentially very useful for any program that supports this format.


A command-line utility that reads a Wavefront Style .obj file and generates a .tga sculpt texture from it. Still in need of a lot of testing but potentially very useful for any program that supports this format.

Obj2Sculpt Reuploaded to the Secondlifers group on DeviantArt

  • Link on the TG forums: Nonexistent, can someone please fix this?
  • Requires: Windows


A client-side, pure JavaScript tool that converts RAW Terrain files to Sculpted Prim textures.

Sculpty Maker

Sculpty Maker is a free program for Windows PCs that allows you to create objects in zBrush and convert them to Second Life sculpted prims. It includes an in-world tool called Sculpty Rezzer that assembles the converted objects, and a plug-in for zBrush that allows you to export sculptmaps directly from zBrush. Please direct all support questions to Vlad Bjornson.


These utilities assist in bringing sculpted creations in to the Second Life world:


A simple graphical user interface to upload textures to the grid. It will show you the compressed texture size before uploading and allow you to upload lossless images, perfect for 64x64 or smaller sculpt maps.


A command-line utility to batch upload an entire folder output from Qarl's Advanced Maya Sculpt Exporter in to Second Life and rez the scene as a full permission linkset. The sculpt maps are uploaded as lossless images and the textures are uploaded with the normal compression settings.

NOTE: Although the main utility is command-line, for using the app on Windows there is a GUI provided by Johan Durant on the importprimscript page.


redcap is an open-source command line utility for uploading images to Second Life.