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Burhop Piccard AKA Mark Burhop

I'm very interested in bringing external geometry into Second Life and other virtual worlds. I'm a little fustrated with the current functionality and hope to improve it in future generations. I'd really like to see Parasolid or ACIS like BREP support given its much stronger match to real world geometry (but realize its a tricky balance between speed and functionality).




My Virtually 3D blog is found at


I wrote Math Sculptor, an application and framework for creating sculpted prims. You can download it at There are much better sculpty tools out there but I did learn some clever things while doing this.

I do some LSL scripting for tracking land and island metrics. Again, this is mostly experimental to understand the technology.

Outside of Second Life, I've helped develop a number of commercial 3D software programs.


I'm the member of several groups including the AWG and Sculptie Dev

In particular, I have some ideas on geometry to better support future tools and formats. You can read it here: Geometry Based Architectural View. I'd like to get more discussion going once the Lindens get beyond putting out fires.

Outside of SL, I'm also involved with Virtual World Interoperability in the hope to set up Virtual World standards much like exists today for the 2D web. My username is "burhop". You can also find me at the Associations of Virtual Worlds

First Life

In First Life, I work for a mega-corporation and have been writing, designing, and architecting code for MANY years. I'm a technology junky doing projects in C++, JAVA, C#, LISP, VB, C and FORTRAN (shows my age!). I also work in higher level technologies like UML, SOA, COM and STL and am a serious proponent of agile technologies, usecases and iterative design. I've worked on several 3D products that are sold commercially. I'm a former member of the adjuct faculty at the University of Cincinnati where I taught advanced C++. I've also reviewed a number of text books from Addison-Wesly.

Lately, I've moved into more of a product planning role and end up coding in my free time to get my "fix".


You can find me at the usual places: (but rare - I think I have two friends)