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Version 1.0.0 available at:

Features: The current version will load sculpted textures of any power of 2 size 64x64 or greater, and can apply arbitrary textures to them. Wireframe mode and per-pixel lighting are also supported, along with a very rudimentary first-person camera.

Requirements: You will need Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or Microsoft Windows Vista along with the Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 1.0 Refresh to run the binary. If you want to compile from source code you will need the Microsoft XNA Game Studio Express 1.0 Refresh

Future Plans: The next release will have sculpt map to OBJ export, and if I ever get a decent algorithm for it working I'll add OBJ to sculpt map import. A Second Life style camera is planned, and there have been talks of support for individual vertex manipulation. If you have any patches or want to help with development please contact me: jhurliman[at]