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Name: nand Nerd


The following is my "artist statement" for SL4B_Art

Artwork: Flexi-hedra display

About the artwork: 4 Flexi-hedra are suspended in force fields as platonic solids until awoken by the touch of an avatar. At once the solids are fluid and come to life as they shift from one colour to the next.

These Flexi-hedra started life as polyhedra built by laying out the net of the shape and rotating sections until it finally took form. Quite a long process and open to making quite a few mistakes. The I was very happy with the result and would have stopped there though for some reason I decided to apply the new feature "flexible path" which had been brought to the main grid that week. Once I had seen one polyhedra with the flexible path feature I knew there was something worth experimenting with. A fair bit of scripting work went into the Flexi-hedra as they are just now however most of that was spent on adding little features and controls which would not be apparent, the core scripting that goes into the motion of the Flexi-hedra is relatively simple.

About the Artist: Artist? I'm no artist. What would I know about art? I'm an Engineer, damnit. That aside, when these Flexi-hedra were put on display I found myself being referred to as an artist. I'm not sure how this could be compared to Real Life (would Stephenson's Rocket be classed a work of art?). I was flattered that I was invited to display my work at the Second Life's 3rd Anniversary (SL3B) Art Exhibition and I thouroughly enjoyed the response I got from those who commented on my work. In my time in Second Life I have worked on many silly little experiments and shall hopefully continue to do so, perhaps I shall strike it lucky with another random "work of art".

Enough rambling now, I'm a 23 year old Mechanical Engineer from Scotland. I enjoy scripting and messing around with fundamental mathematics. When I'm not working in RL or in SL I'm usually Scuba Diving or spending time with my Fiancee. If you would like to know more about what I'm working on, what I have worked on or what I may yet be working on with regards to Second Life please visit and