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Converter for .3dm Files from MoI (or Rhino, see 'Limits' and 'discussion') to Sculpt Map (.TGA)

How to use ?

Copy the 3dm2sculpt.exe File to the Folder where you save your .3dm Files.

Drag and Drop a .3dm File on 3dm2sculpt.exe.

If it worked, you will find a new .tga File in the same Folder.

Note : if a File of the same Name exists, it will be overwritten.

Alternative : use the command Line like "3dm2sculpt mycuteobject.3dm"

Where to Download ?

Mod Version: (if it doesn't work, you may need to install this)

Old Version:

Updated :

  • Normals should be OK now  :)
  • TGA size changed from 64x64 to 128x128
  • Object is now centered correctly
  • Multiple Objects are exported as numbered .TGA Files
  • Fixed broken File, this Time as .ZIP
  • Output Image flipped horizontally


The Object needs perfect UV Coordinates. Each surface of an object will be output in it's own file. The user will have to manually stitch multi-surface objects together with a image editing application.

Warning : this Program is new and needs more testing, make sure to use the Preview in the Upload Dialog.

Who did it ?

Cindy Crabgrass started it with a lot of help from Michael Gibson, author of MoI (Moment of Inspiration) and then Strife Onizuka took the provided source and embellished it.

Questions ? Comments ? Did it work or Crash ?

Works with Rhino

It does work with Rhino-generated *.3dm files under certain, rather specific conditions which are not very intuitive to the novice Rhino user (which I most certainly am). I have a web page on using Rhino in combination with 3dm2sculpt which I intend to maintain and update regularly.

Designing in Rhino for Second Life

Thanks so very much to Cindy Crabgrass and associates for their fine work.

Hope this helps. Aplonis Ember