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List your sims here if you allow people to film Machinima on your sim.

Order A-Z by region name when adding new sims.

Note that this does not include permission to build there or to alter lighting. Just filming. This list is partly out of concern for intellectual property rights and partly about giving credit where it is due.

Any land owned by Governor Linden can be used for filming.

You can put your SL avatar name or your real name (or both or whatever) as the owner/grantor as you would like it to appear in film credits.

Region Owner/Grantor Summary Terms Grid
Aero Pines Park & Recreation Area Cindy Bolero Rural countryside 12 region continent of connected roads, trails, canals, and open sky. Highly-skilled and well-equipped fire department, hospital, emergency room, full-service airport, equestrian center, roadhouses, gas station, diner, bunker, tunnels, airstrips, steel mill, power plant, substation, forests, beaches, waterfalls, caves, mountains, canyons, deep water, popular mermaid lagoon. Rezzers: Hot air balloon, helicopters, motorcycles, horses, buggies, sleighs, jeep, jetski, snowmobile, sled, snowboards, seaplane. Season change and weather coincides with North American Hemisphere. Residents include experienced RPers in the areas of First Responder Training, Hazardous Occupation Training, Aviation, Combat, WWII, Search & Rescue, Law Enforcement, Forensics, SciFi, Vampire, Mermaid, wildlife and domestic animal avatars, dragons, fae, etc. Contact a Park Ranger for Rezz Support MG
AMO In Kenzo Experimental Arts, Education, Nonprofit/Social Benefit Orgs. Fractal ground, mountains and colorful sets, a fun diverse landscape owned by a machinimatographer. Slides on Machinima 101 available at the amphitheatre. CC 2.5 MG/PG
Amodica@Southsea Adam Soler & Prad Prathivi Modern Store in the sky & Art Exhibition on the ground of sim. None MG
Anarchy Mocksoup Graves Anarchy is a gothic themed sim with a beautiful one of a kind castle, French Styled Cathedral,Wharf docks with a kraken & The Bloody Fang Vampire Pub, Ethereal Cove,Pirate ships,Cottages, Bridges, marketplace,fountains, twisted playground,& boats for the moat. There is a court in the castle, with a ballroom, and a twisted Alice in Wonderland themed burlesque style club (with doll box props)library, as well as and a separate built steampunk/rivethead/industrial club. Many animations, and landscaped with themed trees. None MG
Cookie Thinkerer Melville Greek theater, Theatrical builds, Sand box (3 hr) None Mature
DIVINE KATIA DivineSoul Sands Beach, Mountains, Snow, Gardens, Woods, Caves, Waterfails, Church, Sky Castle, Wild animals and much more. None PG
Eduserv Island Art Fossett A general purpose educational area. None MG
Experience Italy Umbert Oh Rome, Eur None PG
Eye4You Alliance Educational Simulator with a Medieval Theme None TG
Fandango Christine Svenska A slice of small town USA. Central park area, docks, shops, townhouses, church, graveyard, pizza shop, fire station,town hall, sheriffs office and jail. Old style buildings set in present day. Homey atmosphere. You may also film on the adjacent Spring Green which is a little farm with a swimming hole and picnic area. See covenant in About Land for sim rules. None Mature
Farhaven Farley Crabgrass Elven lands based around a central extinct volcano with grotto, dance deck over a spectacular waterfalls, a large bay with giant mermaid sculpture and MER area, an exotic space themed dance club at 3000m, beautiful gardens, these are Elf Circle lands and are PG - no slavery, GOR or weapons allowed, no high tech like planes or cars or tech items. Contact owner for permission to rez or build None PG
FRANCE3D Virtualya Koxinell Lane Famous buildings : Taj Mahal, Notre Dame Cathedral, Pyramids of Egypt, Roman theater None PG
GALONGE Hidenori Glushenko desert and mysterious civilization sim. None PG
Hobo Island Thinkerer Melville Sand box (3 hr) None Mature
Japanese garden Ynoh Anthony Small Japanese garden in EDO period style. Based on the RL Gardens in Hasselt(Belgium) and examples seen in Kyoto(Japan) None MG
Jasmine's Hollow and The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community Jasmine0Alaya Resident You are invited to enjoy Second Life®'s FIRST & ONLY Adirondack steampunk™ destination, an all-inclusive whimsicle bohemian art retreat for interactive exploration, live music, forest, cuddles, boating, photography and machinima & more!

Highly acclaimed, Jasmine's Hollow™ offers hours of treasures to discover and enjoy alone or with family, friends, or a special someone. It is constantly evolving, so grab an LM and know you are welcome to return or make your home! We have been featured in countless blogs and articles.

Live Music, Radio, steampunk, New York, village, Adirondack, mountain, nature, romance, forest, lake, romantic, couples, singles, scenic, boats, hangout, nature, Dancing, galleries, listening booths, art, artists, professionally staged, Relax, Caves.

Featuring our own radio station, Radio Grind, featuring The Dirty Grind family of artists.

Photographers and Machinima artists are welcome! If you would like extended-time rez rights, please contact Lisa (Jasmine0Alaya) for a tag. Filming of any live music show or Radio Grind is strictly prohibited without the written permission both of the artist(s) and the venue owners. Mature
Kernow Aimee Trescothick & Trinity Dechou A renaissance style gallery building situated within natural walkways and paths overlooking a large expanse of water. Kernow also features some hidden caves for explorers as well as some activities for adventure seekers; shooting gallery, fishing and skydiving with a target out on the waterfront. Includes a central mini-island which features a campfire and poseball area for members of the public to enjoy the surrounding calm. 5 Minute auto-return MG
Labyrinthe De Mythos MarkusChristopher Llewellyn The Labyrinthe de Mythos is a Lush Tropical Island where many Mythological places and mysteries may be uncovered. Is the Clan Home of the Labyrinthe de l'obscurité, their friends and allies.

A Medieval country place of mountains, trees and water with a Spanish Moorish flavor and boasts of a central arena, the Great Santa Sophia Church and since the tragic fire of the Great Labyrinthe Library, is spell books and treasured tomes are safely stored in the lower levels of the beautiful walls of the Alcazaba, just next to the Royal Palace. It is a place of rivers and trees and surf and beaches and a beautiful twilight on the skyline, is not safe however, peaceful it seems the nice citizens would watch you burn alive in the Wickerman in the time of Samhain. It is home to elusive Monsters and Creatures that prey and supernatural beings stalk the land! Bring a Sharp Sword and be ready for anything! (Contact Markus or any Staff to arrange Machinima projects,, request for Group tag for rezzing can be arranged. We are proud to claim Affiliate Sim Status to Suzanna Soyinkas CCS System)

45 Minute Auto-Return Mature
LOL Opensource Obscure, Gebedia Yoshikawa Steampunk, Toony, Abstract Shapes; Dynamic structures that react to avatar presence; Beach, Mountains, Snow. Temporary rezzing of small objects is allowed - please get in touch with parcel owners if you need to rez anything bigger. Visual examples and references. None Mature
Mediterraneo Principedemone Ewing A little Mediterranean Island None PG
NeoVictoria Asil Ares NeoVictoria is a unique role-playing platform in the Steampunk style, that brings creative people together in a supportive and collaborative environment. The ultimate goal of NeoVictoria is to create a virtuous circle where role-play becomes machinima which generates value for the community. We are a two-SIM chain (Machinima and NeoVictoria SIMs), with a Skymall at 700 meters which includes an extensive tutorial for the BijoCam Construction System. The land-level is the roleplay environment, which includes a maze, multiple parks, river, underground sewers, magnificent cathedral, castle, tavern, outdoor market, circus and multiple living quarters. The covenant for the land does NOT allow machinima unless you have Asil Ares written approval. If you are a machinima artist and want to shoot in NeoVictoria please speak with Asil Ares first. The covenant for this land DOES allow for the taking of snapshots. Taking snapshots does NOT require Asil Ares written approval. CC 3.0 Mature
+ No Salvation + Dark Gothic Cathedral + Dragon Rose Isle Seska Akami †No Salvation† is a unique and timeless, Gothic themed, cruciform or "cross-shaped" Cathedral. The Cathedral rests high atop rocky cliffs overlooking an ancient Cemetery and ruins nestled in the midst of the "Dead Swamp" on Dragon Rose Isle.

The Cathedral is home to †No Salvation†, an enigmatic Gothic Nightclub, which has been chosen as Elysium by the Sovereign Queen of the Dragon Rose Domain. As you wander the unhallowed halls, the atmosphere is very dark yet hauntingly familiar and inviting. Soft blue rays emanate from the etched stained glass of the Cathedral windows, flames from the myriad of altar candles dance wildly across dimly lit enclaves and secret passages abound, mysteriously hidden within the deepest and darkest of shadows, to create the intimate ambiance your forsaken soul has been yearning for. Descend in to the vast abyss of deviant pleasures and satiate your most depraved appetites. Be forewarned, those who enter these sacrosanct walls will not be saved.

The Cathedral, Nightclub and surrounding Estates (continuing into the Dragon Rose Bay sim) are OPEN 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Photographers and Machinimatographers are always welcome. There are many scenic overlooks, observatories and towers for a panoramic view of the Estates. Locations include Cathedral, ancient cemetery, catacombs, dark forrest, ancient ruins, fort-style combat arena with sub-dungeon and torture chambers hidden underground, underwater cave, Elven glade, Drow cave, Heaven with a model of the Ark of the Covenant, Hell. The Cathedral's in-house music stream, †No Salvation Radio†, echoes the sounds of Rock, Metal, Gothic, Industrial, EBM and Darkwave genres to all who enter. The ancient Cemetery's music stream, †No Salvation Cemetery Radio†, consumes the surrounding landscape enveloping you in a dark and enchanting symphony of Gothic melodies. There is only one †No Salvation† Established in October of 2008. Accept NO imitations!

None Adult
Pangaea Mo Eriksen An island such as one you would want to live on with musical content. Best streaming music soundtrack in SL. Changing exhihitions. Locations include townhall, museum, old movie theater, psycho house, tiki bar, recording studio, ice cream parlor, old church, graveyard, garage, marina, Queen Anne cottage, bungalows, tiki beach, ancient restaurant, sex club, record shops, perfume shop, musical instruments shop. 15 minutes auto-return MG
PeKashee Kyle Szondi & Peaches Beresford PeKashee Smoothjazz Lounge, PK Cafe and much more. None PG
[1] Butkins Sugarplum Click HERE this listing is current and has been updated as of 9/07/11 the sim is working and running waiting for you to come shoot your next film, for virtual tour of island,Enthrall Island sim is a Tropical island urban grunge theme, grunge mental hospital role play, airport, boats, wake boarding, transit bus, ambulance, Adult Playground shopping Mall Men's and women's clothing medieval, casual, swim wear, urban grunge role play, strip bar, Hotel, Beach, Harem Brothel, upscale nightclub with pyrotechnics in penthouse suite, full moon 24/7 Medical Infirmary RPG romantic honeymoon spotsunset candlelit dinner with grand piano, hotel resort style theme None Adult
Qwandry HeidiHo Halberstadt The southern 2/3s of Qwandry is open pastoral land with a small church and barn with a mountain pastoral scene backdrop. Great for filming a "sound of Music" scene. Also has a nice beach and developed department store in north. To the east is an open seascape with unobstructed view of eastern horison since Qwandry is on an open edge of the SL universe with nothing visible to the east, except horizon -- great sunrise. None MG
Roma Antiqua Shamblesguru Voom International Schools Island (isi)is designed to support k-12 education communities, there are two SIMS, locations that may be of interest to Machinimatographers .. mountain tops, swimming pool, dockside. towers with links to LOTs of education locations in S.L. and the web, a rainforest, an educators lab for trying out different teaching and learning tools. Also some fun stuff including Hang Gliders and mountain top disco. None MG
Roma Antiqua Tillie Ariantho Japanese Building with stage/catwalk, big yacht, japanese tea house on small sculpt-water stream, pond surrounded by trees, stone bridges, a treehouse, a castle-like building with large shadow casting trees, a small japanese village. If you need permission to drop path prims for FilmingPath, need some items temporary out of the way or need access to the usually private village, IM Tillie Ariantho. None MG
Southhaven Farley Crabgrass A Winterfest showcase sim all snow and fully iced - Excellent Seal Sled racing course - all free to use. See video at these are Elf Circle lands and are PG - no slavery, GOR or weapons allowed,no high tech like planes or cars or tech items. Contact owner for permission to rez or build None PG
SS Galaxy Veritas Raymaker A full-scale, full-service Cruise Liner None MG
Sub Lupina Laurina Hawks & Shara Whitfield An urban cityscape with lots of contemporary buildings as well as realistic appartments for interior shots. Its used as a combat sim for city shootouts, but damage will be shut down for filming. You may rezz props and items for your needs temporarily during your production.--Laurina Hawks 05:24, 10 March 2010 (UTC) None Mature
Temasek Veritas Raymaker Showcasing the culture, history and ecology of Singapore None MG
The Botanical Gardens Isablan Neva A sim-wide public garden with various themed areas including a tropical lagoon, Buddha cave at the top of the mountain, waterfalls, gondola rides, greenhouse, Persian temple and caves. Contact owner for permission to rez. None PG
Topaz Isle Delilah Darkwatch Medieval Irish setting with stone cottages nestled oceanside. There are various areas such as a garden, lake, forest, pub, church, friary, manor home, and even a ruins area. Several statues are also placed throughout the sim such as a gargoyle, dragon, lion, mermaid, and seraphin. The area is beautiful during the day, but due to many lighting effects it is also pretty amazing at night. Contact owner for permission to rez. None Mature
Vagabonds Nerolus Mosienko & lilsparklez Sprawl A shopping/residential region with a Post-Apocalyptic/Art Deco/Urban Decay/New Orleans style. Unique textures and builds, all built and created by the sim's owners. None MG
WDT Planet WDT Planet Beach, Mountains, Gardens, Woods, Caves, Waterfails, tiny,exibithion art, party, live music, paradise lost, anphiteather, Alice in Wonderland, Wild animals and much more. None Mature