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Getting Started

Topics from the Second Life Knowledge Base for new builders who want to learn how to create content in Second Life.

  • Using the Build Tools - How to create simple objects using the 3D modeling tools provided in the Second Life Viewer.
  • Building tips - General tips that may help new content creators.
  • Uploading assets - How to upload textures, sounds, animations and more.
  • Object permissions - An overview of the object permissions system and how to set next-owner permissions on your creations.
  • How to move a build - Tips on how to move a large, multi-object build from one place to another.

Featured Article

Build tools featured.png

Build Tools

Get started with building in Second Life by learning the basic Build Tools described in this article. Even if you don't plan to become a master builder, these tools are essential for placing, moving, and rotating objects in the Second Life world.

InvIcon Animation.png

Tips on how to animate your avatar and other objects.

InvIcon Mesh.png

Complex objects can be modeled using third-party 3D modeling software and then uploaded to Second Life. These objects require special logistical considerations to manage the amount of land impact they consume.

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Pathfinding allows scripted objects to intelligently move from one place to another while avoiding obstacles.

InvIcon Physics.png

Use these tips to find a balance between physics accuracy and performance in order to minimize the amount of land impact generated by your objects.

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Tips on how to best use sounds in your creations.

InvIcon Script.png

Linden Scripting Language allows you to program your objects with interactive, scripted behaviors.

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Tips on using textures in Second Life, including the use of specular and normal mapping to give a tactile 3D look to your objects.

Resident contributions awaiting official approval

If you'd like to contribute some of your own best practices for efficient content creation, please link to them in this section so that Linden Lab subject matter experts can verify them before they are added to the official guide.