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A simple list of ways to discover cool stuff in Second Life.

This isn't meant to be a list of every SL-related site — please keep it focused on tools targeted at helping Residents find people, places, and things. Don't include specific inworld locations here, but you can link to other pages.

Add your faves and we all win!


These resources are provided by Linden Lab, either on our website in the Viewer. We can't guarantee the accuracy of any Resident-created services below.

  • Destination Guide - "... an editorially-controlled area that highlights some of the best inworld venues and locations that might be of interest to new and existing Residents. This is the place to go to explore and discover some of the exciting user-created locations in Second Life."
  • Second Life Marketplace - Our virtual marketplace, where you can buy just about any type of item you'll want or need for your Second Life.
  • Inworld search - In Second Life, click the Search button on your toolbar (at the bottom of your screen), or use the search field (with the magnifying glass icon) in the upper-right of the screen. There's a Showcase (Destination Guide) search tab.
  • Profile picks - To see another avatar's favorite places: right-click them, select Profile from the pie menu, then click the Picks tab. Often, friends (which may or may not be listed with a relevant location) are also shown, and you can look them up to find further connections. Use the Teleport button towards the bottom to travel there.

Cool places

  • B-places - Directory of locations list based on votes and b-traffic.
  • Koinup Places - User-ranked, visual browser of cool places.


Alternative ways to find land (in addition to Search > Land Sales tab).

  • LandMachine - Has a live search that accepts flexible parameters.


Browsing through snapshots from Second Life, both raw and post-processed, is a quick 'n' fun way to find stuff you'll enjoy. Please click the title of this section to see and add highlights.


If you're an uberexplorer who regularly shares pictures and/or posts of your inworld adventures, add your name and relevant link at the above link, sorted alphabetically by first name.

Please be sure to indicate SLurls clearly. For example, if you have a Flickr stream, photos should have links so visitors can get a fast visual preview, then click to teleport. If there's a specific category on your blog reserved for your Second Life findings, link to that instead of the general URL.

Website aggregators

Second Life blogs which compile community info and include a lot of cool stuff to discover:

Useful Twitter Searches