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Learn from the scope of these journeys, then feel free to add yourself if you earnestly believe you're worthy! The responsibility is yours to go where no avatar has been before. Or go where they have, but be better about sharing it. ;)


An uberexplorer is a very awesome and rare person who's prolifically traveled around Second Life — and not only that, shared their discoveries and benefited others. As a SL version of the Gladwellian Maven-Connector hybrid archetype, they're obsessive about exploring and spreading the word about great stuff (knowing or agreeing with Gladwell not actually required to be an uberexplorer).

While strict rules don't exist, to be an uberexplorer-class avatar, you should:

  • Visit at least 50 different regions a month you haven't been before
  • Keep a blog (or other means, like Flickr stream) to chronicle your adventures
  • Have been blogging for at least 6 months — persistence matters!
  • Share at least two remarkable discoveries a week
  • Your blog/presence is mainly Second Life-focused
  • Have an active, healthy commenter community
  • Not be doing this for commercial purposes (e.g., you're sharing your joy, as opposed to being paid to blog)

You don't need to fulfill all the above criteria — it's merely intended to give you a better idea.

I'd rather include than exclude people, so a simple thing to do is:

Ask yourself, "Who keeps telling me about stuff I end up exceptionally enjoying?"
The answer to that is likely... an uberexplorer!