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525 FAQ

Q - Dashboard, huh? What exactly does that mean?

A - The dashboard is a redesign of the Second Life website. It is the page of links and informational boxes you see when you go to secondlife.com/my/ and log in.

Q - Why are you redesigning the website?

A - The new site works as part of a system that allows more cross-functionality with Second Life, XStreet, the blogs, and the web as a whole. This is the foundation that will allow us to provide you with a more integrated experience.

Q - Why does it look so different from the Second Life viewer?

A - We are striving to provide consistency across both the viewer and the website. Viewer 2.0 will feature a similar design sense as well as better grouping of tools to make it both easier to use and easier on the eye.

Q - Why did you choose these specific elements?

A - We collected the most often used and functional aspects of the website on the Dashboard so you can see which of your friends are online, what your last purchase was, and how much L$ you currently have, as well as the latest blog posts, video tutorials, and grid status reports. Over time you can expect new widgets and functionality.

Q - If this is "My Dashboard" shouldn't I be able to customize it?

A - You should...and you will! Initially, however, some features will be limited; the layout and widgets aren't currently customizable. Eventually, you'll be able to prioritize the feeds and tools that are most important to you. If you do not mind custom browser tweaks, there is a way to hide widgets in this forum thread.

Q - I run a business in SL and depend on the website to track transactions. Is this change going to affect me?

A - All the functionality you depend on is still there, including Transaction (L$) and Account (USD$) Histories. You'll also find convenient reporting on your groups, parcels, and estates, as well as quick links to all your XStreet business.

Q - There are tools for Merchants and Landlords, what about educators, solution providers, promoters and the host of other business people inworld?

A - Over time, we'll expand the collection of widgets available, and provide the ability to bring content directly from the web to allow you to fully tailor your experience to your needs.

Q - Why does the map on My Dashboard work better than the one inworld?

A - It really does work wonderfully, doesn't it? That's the map upgrade Philip created for Snowglobe. It'll be the default map inworld as well, someday.

Q - I think I found a bug, how do I report it?

A - Thanks for helping! Please Create a pJira task in the project: SL Dashboard Beta and describe the problem, including any info you believe to be relevant, like the make and model of your browser.