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[13:02] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: What's new and exciting and new but not so exciting but you still wanna share?
[13:02] Mojito Sorbet: Mojito Sorbet: Expecting the Black Death?
[13:02] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: Mojito, thanks for the tip re: Vex. I contacted him.
[13:02] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: We be chattin'.
[13:02] Daniel Voyager: Daniel Voyager: happy new year 2010 Torley :)
[13:02] Mojito Sorbet: Mojito Sorbet: Ah, good
[13:02] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: Haha, I'm Plague Doc turned Pro Skater!
[13:02] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: Happy New Year Daniel and everyone! We are in the age of twentyten, ah yes...
[13:02] Daniel Voyager: Daniel Voyager: last doc team office was last decade hehe lol
[13:03] Daniel Voyager: Daniel Voyager: hour*
[13:03] Mojito Sorbet: Mojito Sorbet: Has it been that long?
[13:03] Dude Karfield: Dude Karfield: hi there
[13:03] Mojito Sorbet: Mojito Sorbet: Seems like just last week
[13:03] Daniel Voyager: Daniel Voyager: 30th was last week
[13:03] Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler: I think this is properly decenial year. 1-10, rather than 0-9
[13:03] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: Time travel is known to cause disorientations and whatnots.
[13:03] Mojito Sorbet: Mojito Sorbet: Yes, really it is next year. We went through all that back in 2000
[13:03] Gooden Uggla: Gooden Uggla: hiya jeremy
[13:03] Gooden Uggla has pinged you.
[13:03] Jeremy Linden: Hello!
[13:04] Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler: There was a lot of Confusion, at the turn of the millenium. NYC was officially Confused
[13:04] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: I just posted in response to various questions about "How do I make my profile look awesomer?"
[13:04] Gooden Uggla: Gooden Uggla: lol time travel makes ya gain weight!
[13:04] Gooden Uggla: Gooden Uggla: Gooden Uggla ducks
[13:04] Mojito Sorbet: Mojito Sorbet: Poeple get overly enthralled with traiing zeros
[13:04] Daniel Voyager: Daniel Voyager: Loves his 11th doctor av from dr who. :D time travel into 2010
[13:04] Zamantha Carter: Zamantha Carter: Awesome AV Daniel :D
[13:04] Mojito Sorbet: Mojito Sorbet: You are encouraging ASCII art?? Oh no!
[13:05] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: I haven't seen any recent Dr. Who but it's amazing they've kept the continuity going without a total reboot.
[13:05] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: That seems pretty accurate, Daniel.
[13:05] Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler: A survey, we should use in world, is rezzies who've studied Latin, Esperanto, Na'Vi and Klingon
[13:05] Daniel Voyager: Daniel Voyager: The last epsiodes are great Torley. :)
[13:05] Mojito Sorbet: Mojito Sorbet: Na'Vi?
[13:05] Jeremy Linden: Jeremy Linden fishes his old-school sonic screwdriver out of storage.
[13:06] Daniel Voyager: Daniel Voyager: haha
[13:06] Zamantha Carter: Zamantha Carter: I almost cried when Tennant left :(
[13:06] Mojito Sorbet: Mojito Sorbet: I remember Jon Pertwee
[13:06] vent Rust: vent Rust: hi
[13:06] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: That's handy, Gooden! I haven't seen this one before.
[13:06] Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler still can't imagine Dr. Who without Jon Pertwee: Avatar is about a Marine Veteran who joins the Na'Vi
[13:07] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: Where is this being distributed inworld, Gooden? You compiled it yourself?
[13:07] Mojito Sorbet: Mojito Sorbet: And the aliens back then were guys with rugs thrown over them
[13:07] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: sorry if just landed on anyone;s head
[13:07] Gooden Uggla: Gooden Uggla: i compiled that for giggles
[13:07] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: Oh cool! If you distribute it inworld from a kiosk or Xstreet, let me know Gooden so I can link to it on the web, too.
[13:07] Gooden Uggla: Gooden Uggla: avatar is pocahontas lol
[13:08] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: Haha I saw that Pocahontas comparison, where someone crossed out words on an essay.
[13:08] Zamantha Carter: Zamantha Carter: I'll take an alien with great plot and a rug thrown on him over a bad storyline and amazing alien anyday
[13:08] Gooden Uggla: Gooden Uggla: no, you may have unlimited rights to it, it's a compilation not original art
[13:08] Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler: First, tell a story
[13:09] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: Thanks Gooden! =)
[13:09] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: hello everybody!
[13:09] Zamantha Carter: Zamantha Carter: Hi Open
[13:09] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: not as many people here tonight?
[13:09] vent Rust: vent Rust: hi
[13:09] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: Heya Opensource! Good to see ya!
[13:09] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: Adamburp, maybe they're still holiday-ing?
[13:09] Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler: Hellopensource
[13:10] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: very possible torley :)
[13:10] Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler: Maybe they thought the Lindens forgot about this hour?
[13:10] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: toely, may i make a suggestion re your video tuts?
[13:10] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: i'm happy to be here. I usually give lesson at this time and that's why you never see me here
[13:11] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: Ahh! What've you been teaching?
[13:11] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: Of course, Adamburp!
[13:11] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: i teach SL! : ) from basic to advanced use of the viewer
[13:11] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: how to find nice things inworld...
[13:11] Mojito Sorbet: Mojito Sorbet: How many credits? :)
[13:11] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: where to find documentation and such.
[13:11] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: I was browsing the wiki 2 days ago, and very briefly saw somewhere where you mentioned the debug menu, a video tutorial on that might coem in handy?
[13:11] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: did the meeting already start? are we following an agenda?
[13:12] Mojito Sorbet: Mojito Sorbet: A wiki page describing all the setting would be nice too
[13:12] Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler: How to Search, for Search. "If we could find the Index File, we could look it up in the Index File."
[13:12] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: debug settings. mojito? there's one ... and a beta one too
[13:13] Mojito Sorbet: Mojito Sorbet: Oh, I didnt know that.
[13:13] Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler: Do we yet have a page, where we can look up what a Cheesy Bacon is?
[13:13] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: this is the 'beta' one ; )
[13:13] Gooden Uggla: Gooden Uggla: there's a few wiki pages, aren't there?
[13:13] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: here's the right one
[13:13] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: I leanred more by watching underpants's videos than reading - it;s easier to see the menu beign demonstrated than just reading up on it, imo
[13:13] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: in the first one, i added some settings that appeared in alpha code last year
[13:14] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: mostly stuff related to shadows code
[13:14] Zamantha Carter: Zamantha Carter: Underpants videos? I'm intruiged ;)
[13:14] Mojito Sorbet: Mojito Sorbet: cool. Bookmarked
[13:14] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: you can create some weird visual effects by tweaking them
[13:14] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: look for "Render-..." ones
[13:14] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: a joke from the last time i was here
[13:15] Zamantha Carter: Zamantha Carter: Zamantha Carter giggles
[13:15] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: Oh good to know Adamburp, there are some things which it helps to show Second Life itself. In action. Just as-is.
[13:15] Zamantha Carter: Zamantha Carter: ah
[13:15] Gooden Uggla: Gooden Uggla: just google "agent provocatuer"
[13:15] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: when torley commented on his name being mis-spelt as "trolley" - but i pointed out in my rl region, "trolley" is a slang word for underpants
[13:15] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: I did have a video on the Advanced menu, as well as several covering specific (more popular) features.
[13:15] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: do you still hae a link to it?
[13:15] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: have**
[13:15] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: E.g.,
[13:15] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: :)
[13:16] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: On the Wiki themselves, those are embedded on the specific topic pages. So for example,
[13:16] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: thanks torley
[13:16] Torley Linden: Torley Linden:
[13:17] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: torley, most of your video will be obsolete with new viewer a new user interface, right? will you remake them? will you outsource the job? ; )
[13:17] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: awesome mask, btw. venetian doctors wore them i think. 'the black plague'..
[13:17] Mojito Sorbet: Mojito Sorbet: The whole Viewer 2.0 thing is a Job COntinuation plot by Torley
[13:17] Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler: We've a Trolley Kidd, and a Troley Magic, but no Trolley Wong or Trolley Linden
[13:18] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: it;s an older gag arawn
[13:18] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: Opensource, going to do all new ones.
[13:18] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: (they put smelly stuff inside the nose and they thought it helped not to get sick)
[13:18] Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler: We've even a Trolley Adamczyk
[13:18] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: I'll likely be showcasing any videos Residents make too... love seeing those.
[13:18] Mojito Sorbet: Mojito Sorbet: Flowers, I read
[13:19] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: I'd like to help with adding localized subtitles
[13:19] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: translated subtitles i mean
[13:20] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: would it be possible? anyone here experienced with that?
[13:20] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: Ooh! Glad to hear it! Have you seen any tools to make that really easy?
[13:20] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: I know YouTube has added captions but YouTube overall embedded-ness is inelegant compared to Vimeo; I've asked Vimeo for such a feature too.
[13:21] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: hmm
[13:21] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: Haha Bronson!
[13:21] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: Boxhead?
[13:21] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: ..timely..
[13:21] Mojito Sorbet: Mojito Sorbet: You could always do multiple versions with somebody dubbing your voice
[13:21] Bronson Blackadder: Bronson Blackadder: lol
[13:21] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: lol
[13:21] Bronson Blackadder: Bronson Blackadder: I couldnt find a lampshade
[13:22] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: HOLY CRAP I DIDN'T EXPECT IT TO BE THIS BIG.
[13:22] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: Mojito, I know that's been the case with some French transitions.
[13:22] Mojito Sorbet: Mojito Sorbet: Pipe organ?
[13:22] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: I'M SORRY FOR STEPPING ON... GOOD GOSH...
[13:22] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: hhhhaahah
[13:22] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: It's like a pipe organ Transformer thing! Badass! By Madcow Cosmos.
[13:22] Bronson Blackadder: Bronson Blackadder: lol
[13:22] Mojito Sorbet: Mojito Sorbet: oo, scary
[13:22] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: ah, but that's the madcow awesomeness!
[13:22] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: whoa
[13:23] Jeremy Linden: Whoa.
[13:23] Bronson Blackadder: Bronson Blackadder: lol
[13:23] Jeremy Linden: Torley, you should enter some kind of giant robot fighting league.
[13:23] Bronson Blackadder: Bronson Blackadder: you all crack me up
[13:23] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: Yeah, rock 'em sock 'em!
[13:23] Jeremy Linden: You could be... THE ORGAN GRINDER.
[13:23] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: HAHAHAHAHAAH
[13:23] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: OH THAT'S PUNNY
[13:23] Mojito Sorbet: Mojito Sorbet: It would make the MechWarrior people fall off their chairs laughing, and you would win the battyle
[13:24] Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler: Mechwarriors have a sense of Humor?
[13:24] Mojito Sorbet: Mojito Sorbet: Well, maybe not...
[13:24] Jeremy Linden: Jeremy Linden used to play MechWarrior 2 and still has surviving remnants of humor...
[13:24] Daniel Voyager: Daniel Voyager: wow, thats impressive Torley.
[13:25] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: brb
[13:25] Mojito Sorbet: Mojito Sorbet: I know some people in SL who are into that sort of thing. Whole sims devoted to it
[13:25] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: Credz to Madcow, I saw it in the Joy of Music machinima he did with Chantal Harvey and I was all like "MUST HAVE."
[13:25] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: Avatar show and tell will always be one of my faves.
[13:26] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: toely, have you got a unique avatar?
[13:26] Mojito Sorbet: Mojito Sorbet: It is sort of a SteamPunk take on Mech
[13:26] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: as in ABSOLUTELY unique?
[13:26] Mojito Sorbet: Mojito Sorbet: Drat, RL calls
[13:27] Gooden Uggla: Gooden Uggla: wearing anything by madcow is a adventure in size and shape, i love his stuff
[13:27] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: No, you could get it too if you wanted Adamburp! When I customize it in watermelon it shall be unique. Hehe.
[13:27] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: i love my morris dancer one
[13:27] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: That sounds like a testimonial if I ever heard one, Gooden.
[13:27] Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler wonders if the Collossas of MadCow fits in a show box
[13:27] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: I saw this and was reminded of the Transformers from the movie...
[13:28] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: i was 10 when the first movei came out back in '86
[13:28] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: I meant the live-action movie but I loved the animated one. It dealt with some very grown-up themes!
[13:28] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: i know :)
[13:28] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: The music by Vince DiCola was so awesome.
[13:29] Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler: Ever see Glass Fleet?
[13:29] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: sorry, berb, my inventory's not loaded
[13:29] Gooden Uggla: Gooden Uggla: i look at that and wonder if caledon asylum had an escape...
[13:29] Gooden Uggla: Gooden Uggla: :)
[13:29] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: DOCUMENTATION question! I'm from Italy, and I'd like to contribute to Answers in a localized environment .. like ñol for Spain. will this happen?
[13:30] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: ..when?... : )
[13:30] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: That's a lovely question, Opensource. That seems one better for Lexie or Jeska as they run Answers.
[13:30] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: ah, right. ok
[13:31] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: But it's definitely related.
[13:34] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: Torley, I have a good question for you, if i may?
[13:34] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: Please ask!
[13:34] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: Documentation island seems to be off limits to us?
[13:34] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: Hola Kate!
[13:35] Kate Linden: Kate Linden: Hi :)
[13:35] Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler: Welcome, Kate
[13:35] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: Ahhhh that's because it's still... how shall we say, Team... IN THE WORKS? :D
[13:35] Zamantha Carter: Zamantha Carter: Hi Kate
[13:35] Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler: Building should always be a community activity, 'cause it's never really finished
[13:35] Jeremy Linden: Agreed :-)
[13:35] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: fair enough then toely, i jwas curious
[13:35] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: an hi kate!
[13:36] Kate Linden: Kate Linden: Hello :) Forgive me for being late.
[13:36] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: not at all, if i may have your bear?
[13:36] Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler: Where would Second Life be, today, if RElease waited on a functioning product?
[13:36] Kate Linden: Kate Linden: Sure
[13:37] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: many thanks kate :)
[13:38] Kate Linden: Kate Linden: What's the current topic?
[13:38] Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler: I'm not sure we started, yet
[13:38] Gooden Uggla: Gooden Uggla: arawn it would be lively *plays taps*
[13:39] Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler: The Late Lively?
[13:39] Gooden Uggla: Gooden Uggla: yup
[13:39] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: actually, i have a pretty good question, which you amy find hard to answer
[13:39] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: may*
[13:40] Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler sees a sparkle of Hope, in Adamburp's eye, soon to be dashed
[13:40] Kate Linden: Kate Linden: I hope everyone has had a nice start into 2010. I enjoyed seeing many Residents at the Ball dropping in Voss. Sure Adamburp, what's your question?
[13:40] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: when I raise a support ticket, there is no medium for saying "thank you" ie no category to say "thank you"
[13:41] Kate Linden: Kate Linden: Nice of you to think to send thanks :) You can add a comment to your ticket and that will get to the person who helped you.
[13:41] Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler: Why does DOS never say "Excelllent Command or File Name?"
[13:41] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: xD
[13:41] Jeremy Linden: Too many "l"s.
[13:41] Derek Galaxy: Derek Galaxy: woah, nive avi Torley!
[13:41] Derek Galaxy: Derek Galaxy: *nice
[13:42] s Google Translator: Derek's Google Translator: Too many HTTP requests too fast.
[13:42] Jeremy Linden: Man, I miss DOS.
[13:42] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: Kate, i work in a very similar environment to your resi team, and i really appreciate it when you get a "thank you", but it;s good to know the comments DO get read.
[13:42] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: as in the customer service area***
[13:43] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: Thanks Derek! Courtesy of Madcow Cosmos. :)
[13:44] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: oh. something you may be interested in .. even if the issue has recently been assigned to Blue: feature request for << Blog comments need optional "Ignore this user" feature >>
[13:45] Gooden Uggla: Gooden Uggla: adamburp when they finish the ticket, you can go back and hit the "close button" and comment there, they offer one laast text window
[13:45] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: i have seen that, but i was not sure if those comments would get passed on
[13:45] Gooden Uggla: Gooden Uggla: good point
[13:46] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: I remember you mentioning that before Opensource, yes, just like we can mute inworld, it'd be useful!
[13:47] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: yeah, same thing than Mute. that doesn't prevent me to read different voices and opinions - that are useful.
[13:47] Gooden Uggla: Gooden Uggla: opensource i think that's a fine idea :)
[13:47] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: Most of the blog suggestions depend on what Clearspace (the software that powers it) can do so on occasion I've been communicating with Jive (makers of Clearspace) along with Blue and some others to ask if they can be implemented.
[13:47] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: it's another kind of filter against information overload.
[13:47] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: sure. great
[13:48] Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler wonders which PN is to be muted
[13:50] Zamantha Carter: Zamantha Carter: Kate, you're in Boston?
[13:51] Kate Linden: Kate Linden: Zamantha: I'm not in Boston but I do love chowdah lol
[13:51] Zamantha Carter: Zamantha Carter: Oh, so do I :D
[13:51] Zamantha Carter: Zamantha Carter: I used to work there. Just was curius
[13:51] Kate Linden: Kate Linden: It's a great city :)
[13:52] Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler: I recall Pathfinder's office is in Cambridge
[13:52] Zamantha Carter: Zamantha Carter: It is. SF is lovely as well :D
[13:52] Kate Linden: Kate Linden: yes :)
[13:52] Zamantha Carter: Zamantha Carter: Cambridge, I lived there. By MIT
[13:52] Zamantha Carter: Zamantha Carter: Cool :D
[13:53] Kate Linden: Kate Linden: All of our office locations are listed on
[13:53] Kate Linden: Kate Linden:
[13:53] Jeremy Linden: Yep, there's a Linden Lab office in Cambridge. I go there often :-)
[13:53] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: hmmmm
[13:53] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: brighton, uk, is the nearest one to me
[13:54] Derek Galaxy: Derek Galaxy: any offices in virginia?
[13:54] Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler: There might be something for Scott's benefit
[13:54] Gooden Uggla: Gooden Uggla: Gooden Uggla gives adamburp a suction cup dart gun and a picture of babbage and wishes him godspeed
[13:54] Kate Linden: Kate Linden: Yes, Reston VA
[13:55] Zamantha Carter: Zamantha Carter: Battery St? Small world. I had an office at 275 Battery
[13:55] Gooden Uggla: Gooden Uggla: derek the neweest colo is in DC
[13:55] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: amsterdam offices are not officially open yet, right?
[13:56] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: i LOVE amsterdam
[13:56] Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler: DC isn't in Virginia. I think it might be in Maryland
[13:56] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: went on a stag weekend there
[13:56] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: amsterdam will also hold the european servers colocation
[13:56] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: with my dutch friends
[13:56] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: hold? host? sorry for my Engrish
[13:56] Gooden Uggla: Gooden Uggla: arawn?
[13:56] Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler: Why would a Colo be in an overpriced city like DC?
[13:57] Gooden Uggla: Gooden Uggla: DC is on the border of maryland and virginia
[13:57] Gooden Uggla: Gooden Uggla: it's where the bandwidth is
[13:58] Bronson Blackadder: Bronson Blackadder: uh oh
[13:58] Bronson Blackadder: Bronson Blackadder: Im gonna get it now
[13:58] Bronson Blackadder: Bronson Blackadder: alexa just accepted my notecard
[13:59] Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler: Wha'd you do?
[13:59] Bronson Blackadder: Bronson Blackadder: being pessimistic
[13:59] Gooden Uggla: Gooden Uggla: alexa will be at the triage, there was a snow leopard issue she has an interet in
[13:59] Bronson Blackadder: Bronson Blackadder: hope it had enough humor in it to take the edge off though
[13:59] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: jeremy, torley, may i have your bears pleae? if you have them that is pleae?
[13:59] Adamburp Adamczyk has pinged you.
[14:00] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: please***
[14:00] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: Certainly Adamburp!
[14:00] Gooden Uggla: Gooden Uggla: have a good afternoon ya'll, it's been fun
[14:00] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: Enjoy!
[14:00] Derek Galaxy: Derek Galaxy: ㋡
[14:00] Derek Galaxy: Derek Galaxy: i wouldn mind a copy either
[14:00] Derek Galaxy: Derek Galaxy: *wouldnt
[14:00] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: many thanks :)
[14:00] Jeremy Linden: Sure!
[14:00] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: Hee hee I just blogged about ㋡ and other Unicode art. ;)
[14:00] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: i've only recently started to collect them
[14:01] Kate Linden: Kate Linden: Adamburp, there is also a Knowledge Bear on this pier.
[14:01] Kate Linden: Kate Linden: Help yourself to a copy.
[14:01] Derek Galaxy: Derek Galaxy: i made a justure just for ":)" i love unicode too
[14:01] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: i ahve that oen kate :)
[14:01] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: Excellent!
[14:01] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: but ususally, whenever i see one of you guys on my radr, i drop a polite notecard
[14:01] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: It's been fun, everyone, I've got to go to my next meeting. Take care and thanks for being at Doc Team Office Hours!
[14:01] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: asking for their bear
[14:01] Derek Galaxy: Derek Galaxy: thanks Jeremy
[14:01] Derek Galaxy has pinged you.
[14:01] Adamburp Adamczyk: Adamburp Adamczyk: torley? 1 mo?
[14:01] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: bye everybody
[14:02] Opensource Obscure: Opensource Obscure: ciao !
[14:02] Derek Galaxy: Derek Galaxy: bye Torley!
[14:02] Torley Linden: Torley Linden: Ciao! *smiles and waves*

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