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I'd like to save the World: it would give me something to do; the World needs saving; it's what I know how to do. It's really just finding a place to start.

Lao Tzu warns against Wealth, for Wealth costs something to protect against the Jealous. A Zigurat can rise from the Flood Plain, if it's supported, largely as a reference point, but it's then obliged to remain lofty. Poverty is the presence not supported by the environment but, how does Elvis leave the Stadium?

I'm normally found as a Jackal, with large Shiyal Shingi, but Sumer doesn't seem to be the only place to remember me as a God of some sort. It's unlikely, that any given person is any given God, but the possibility is more intellectually challenging to swallow.

If you're needing a Scripting Mentor, I could use a bit of coin. First thing to know, is that you may be patient, with yourself; second thing, is you should try what you want to, for others will also be patient with you, as you sit there whimpering piteously. Good programmers try to get through that part, but it's a long and winding road, that leads to your door, and most programmers stop short of Self Knowledge.

"Just as all the purposes of a well, can be served by a lake," quoth Krishna, " so can all the purposes of the Veda be served by knowing the Purpose of the Veda." The Purpose of The Veda is to share in the Path of Enlightenment, but it's hard to really know that and, I'm just guessing.