Editing someone else's scripts and notecards

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This article covers how to let someone else modify notecards and scripts in objects owned by you and rezzed in-world.

Here are all the conditions that need to be in effect for this to be possible:

  • the notecard or script must be modifiable;
  • the script or notecard must be in a prim object set to a group that both you and the other person belong to;
  • the other person must have modify rights to your stuff;
  • you must bring up the properties for the notecard or script and tick share with group; [1]
  • when opening that notecard or script, the other person must have that group tag active. [2]

If these conditions are in place, your partner or friend will be able to edit notecards and scripts in your objects.

This also works in group deeded objects, but you must have the group tag activated at the time you want to edit a notecard or script in them.

[1] When adding a script or notecard to a prim owned by someone else, be sure to make the script or notecard (even a bare shell of it) in your inventory first, and do the "share with group" tick there first, before dropping it into the prim. Otherwise, you will be locked out of the script / notecard, even if you are the one who clicked the "New Script" button on the Content folder inside the prim. If you forget in a hurry, you'll have to wait and ask your partner to pass you the script / notecard, or, if you haven't invested much time on that script or notecard that you've just been locked out of, just delete it from the prim and do it properly in your inventory and drop it in again.

[2] Note that not everyone in the group can edit a notecard or script in your objects just because they have their group tag activated: all the other conditions, notably having mod privileges to your stuff, must also be in place. See the Groups entry for more info on "group tags" and "active."

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