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June 2008

Chaz Longstaff, SL Curriculum Vitae

My business partners in SL are Kip Ashbourne and Duke Magneto.

  • Fifth Avenue Elevators
  • Fifth Avenue Aerial Cable Cars
  • It's a Wrap Gift Boxes
  • JEVN Holo Rezzers
  • Animated Living Furniture Cushions
  • Longstaff Hardware Script Collection
  • Longstaff Storage System
  • Longstaff Networked Fundraising System for Charities
  • M&L Talking Headgear
  • Copy-editor for JEVN Product manuals
  • Author of the official Builders' Buddy help manual
  • Regular contributor to the Prime Sims wiki at
  • Tech Contributor & Copyeditor, The Cascadia Chronicles (resident's newsletter)
  • Reviewer for "Platform Second Life" (book published by Manning Publications (Greenwich, CT)
  • Development team for MLP V 2.0
  • Contributor to MLPv2.0 knowledgebase at
  • Volunteer, Canadian AIDS Society (I maintain and fund their office at Vancouver Mall in SL)
  • Volunteer, AIDS Committee of Toronto (I maintain and fund their office at Vancouver Mall in SL)
  • Officer, The Cascadia Club (a private resident's club)
  • Author, Practically Edible Food Encyclopaedia.

===== In Print ====+

SL Professional References
  • Craig Altman (Bits & Bobs)
  • Poppet McGimsie (owner, Victorian sims)
  • esmay Rand (former owner, JEVN)

Back-end web database developer using IBM and open-source tools. Own business since 1996. Former Procter & Gamble Systems Analyst. Clients are leading Canadian charities and non-profits. Born Brantford, Ontario, Canada; reside Toronto, Ontario. Languages: English, French, Italian, German, ASL. Degrees: University of Toronto, University of Florence (Italy).

RL References
  • (1) Sue Schenk, Canadian Institute for Advanced Research;
  • (2) Ned Lytellton, AIDS Committee of Toronto;
  • (3) Kim Thomas, Canadian AIDS Society;

More info: