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Basic concept

Sim 4 is the SIM that offers even more to explore with surprizing elements.

We will have a city here with shops that offer freebies, there will be a big mountain, a village and a mystic world.

The City

This is, where the newbies can collect freebies.

We will create a city with a lots of shops (and bars, pubs, ...). The shops all offer ONE category of objects (mens pants, skirts, cars, ...).

There is a plan to have every mentor that helps in this project run a shop here and so have the opportinity to put his name into the shop's name (Danziel's Insects).

The Park

Area to relax, to chill out, to meet, to talk, ...

The Village

A nice little mountain village

Snowy Mountain

Big mountain.

A waterfall feeds the pond, from where the river starts that runs through all SIMs.

Mystic World

Something surprizing. A mystic tower, a volcano, a system of caves if the mountain will be panned even bigger ... Area for the creative mentors to build something breathtaking.

Street to SL

A street to drive of walk along with lot of ads and kiosks at the sides that offer information about nice places in SL, that offer teleports and landmarks.

At the end of the street there is a place, a parking lot or even a heliport with teleports around to several places of SL. Here also the German communites can offer teleports to their SIMs.

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Users with interest

Danziel Lane

Suggestion of Danziel: Nicoldine Schaffner for collecting freebies, categorize them and help mentors to fill their shops


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