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German rail, map
German rail, scheme

This railway exists in Austria Microcontinent. Its name is not official, it was given by the Second Life Geography team.


The railway is not as wide as a classic Heterocera raiilway, it is about half as wide and has a different texture. There is not the same texture along the entire railway, there are minimum 5 different rail textures. Very important is that in the urban part of the microcontinent, the rail becomes a real subway, with a few stations.


The railway goes through 10 sims of 17, how many the microcontinent has, so it has a large coverage. Stations are frequent in East, but rare in West. The rail has a large central station in MBK Bahnofsviertel. From there, 3 branches are visible to South, West and East. The Eastern branch is the urban one and soon after passing through Goethe sim, it enters a tunnel and becomes a one-way subway. The Western brench goes through a plain, near a road and finally ends in a depot. The South brench offers great landscapes. It follows a river, then enters a sharp valley in the snowlands and ends at a local station.


It looks like a classic VRC train can use this railway. The switches use a different system, they are automated and have a multitude of light signals. Automated Transportation is present. There are some very fast moving trains, with a modern design, usually blue colored. Before entering a station, they move very slow.

Technical Data

The numbers listed below are distances measured in km. Estimated maximum error is 5%.

West Branch:

MBK Bahnosviertel:         0.00
MBK Frankenhain:           0.24
Modling:                   0.50

South Branch:

MBK Bahnosviertel:         0.00
Residenz:                  0.23
Miesterbastler South:      0.49
MBK Flughafen:             0.89
Zollberg:                  1.21

East Branch:

MBK Bahnosviertel:         0.00
Goethe:                    0.31
Munchen West:              0.43
Marienplatz:               0.63
Isartor:                   0.87

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