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austria Microcontinent

Austria is a Microcontinent located inside Grid Sector K13, at Coordinates 1104-1110/1382-1388. It is placed inside Eastern Ocean and has the temporary name A055 given by Second Life Geography team. It is an isolated microcontinent and in the same time a Sim Cluster since there are a few distant sims, linked economically to the microcontinent. Name is not official and comes from the fact that the Western sims have Austrian names, but the Eastern sims share German names.

The microcontinent is formed of 17 sims, while 6 other remote sims can be found nearby, forming a Sim Group.


This microcontinent can be divided into 3 main regions:

Urban Land is on plain, full of urban buildings and squares, like in Munich City.

Rural Land is usually mountain land (low mountains or high hills). It cah be found in sims like Goethe. There are rivers and forests.

Snowlands can be found in West part of the microcontinent, where ground has an incredible declivity. Altitude rises up to 130 meters, higher then many continents.


There is a lrge network of roads, one that would envy people on many continents. The road network is doubled by paths. Very important is the presence of the German Railway, that connects 10 sims and has even an underground sector. In West, there are even other snowland transportation devices.

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