Eastern Ocean

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Eastern Ocean
Eastern Ocean, previous image
Oceans, oct 2013, click for large

Eastern Ocean includes a large part of the grid map, East to the large mainland continents. It has a very low sim density. The islands composing it can easy be divided into remote seas. Name is not official, it comes from its map position to the mainland continents. However, this name was previously suggested in ContinentDetector.

Borders, sectors and coordinates

To West, the border is formed by the continents Corsica, Nautilus, Satori and Shopping Continent. The western border can be considered the line between grid sectors J11 and K11. In North and South, it extends as far as the last isolated sim. To East, it vanishes at the last sim, somewhere at the half distance between Corsica and Zindra.

The ocean coveres many grid sectors (see Grid Sector): K9, K10, M10, K11, L11, M11, K12, L12, M12, K13, L13, M13. With 13 grid sectors, Eastern Ocean is the larger ocean of the grid. Even if it is so large, it concentrates only a small number of sims.

Coordinates are given in sims, format longitude (min-max)/latitude (min-max), as given for every sim at Gridsurvey[1]. Previously given coordinates were 1179-1500/500-1500. Now, best coordinates are 1100-1400/900-1400.


Surface: 12 grid sectors

Surface without void gaps: 2

Sims: 1000

Sim Density: 0.8%

Unassoicated Sims: 30%


This large ocean can be divided into many subdivisions. Previously, some divisions were allready shown.

North Basin

This includes some parts of the map in North - East. The islands in that part have the highest density in the Eastern Ocean, but still are more rare then in other parts of the grid (like Northern Ocean or Western Ocean. Sim density drops gradually from West to East. A lot of void spaces appear between diverse sim structures. It coveres many grid sectors: K11, K12 and K13. Even if it represents only 20% of the ocean surface, it concentrates more then 60% of its sims:

Majority of these sims (if not all) are owned by institutions (universities, for example). It looks like the teen grid has moved here. Majority of the estates allow public access to their lands, but some of them don't. Here, you can find everything you want for learning, from classrooms, amphitheaters, laboratories and campuses to places dedicated to science or science-fiction.

The LR sims, a group of 7 identical microcontinents, are showen on the List Of Microcontinents And Sim Clusters with temporary name A009. Their position has changed a bit in time. They have no access to public. Most probably, they are used for testing new products and viewers.

Gaeta Sea

Gaeta Sea

There is a gap between Gaeta 1 and Corsica. It is unknown what was the initial plan for the Gaeta Supercontinent, we only know that the project is abandoned. The grid area between Gaeta 1 and Corsica now is filled with sims. Also, the space in West of Gaeta 1 is full of private sims. The name is unofficial. It comes from its position on the map. I named this place West Gaeta Sea, but soon after this naming, someone suggested me that it's better to call it Gaeta Sea.

Borders are clearly visible to South and East, but in North and Wset, the separation limit is not clear. In north, the sea is continued with the Northern Basin.

This small sea fills inside a single grid sector:

  • Grid SectorK11, 1100-1200/1100-1200, sector full of sims


These sims are not one like the other. Their population density is much higher then Gaeta 1 and still higher then Corsica. Some islands have no public access.


Serena is one of the largest Sim Cluster of the grid. It stands inside two grid sectors, K11 and L11 and is separated of other structures by large void spaces. It is owned by a single estate. All sims that form it, are in contact one to another on their diagonals, so it is impossible to travel from one to another without teleporting. On List Of Microcontinents And Sim Clusters, Serena received also a temporary name, A050:

A050! (Serena) - Sim Cluster - coordinates: 1185-1215/1133-1150 - East Ocean, the largest sim cluster

Sims without public access, if they exist, they are very rare. However, you might easy find parcels protected by an entity orb. Ban lines are not used often. Many islands look like tropical beach paradise, but not all. They have different maturity levels, different textures and different types of buildings.

A trip through Serena Islands is an experience where you find a lot of diversity.

Remote South East Sea

This structure vanished from the grid and came back in January 2014. It is located in Grid Sector L6 and L7. It hosts 2 structures:

Sharp Islands

Sharp Islands

These islands are what is left from the old teen grid. Now, they are reduced to a third of their initial density. In fall 2013, there were 52 sims forming the sea. Teen estates (universities and institutions) host a lot of land in other regions, land that covers a larger space then the initial teen grid estates. Name of these islands is unofficial. Many new residents, who don't know history of the teen grid, call the old teen continent 'the sharp piece of land'. That's why the teen continent is more often named Sharp Continent. So, the sims around it, can be called Sharp Islands.

These islands are hosted by two grid sectors. Also, the islands can be divided in two groups:

Grid sector K10 hosts many continents, like Satori, Nautilus, Gaeta 5, Corsica and Sharp Continent. Also, there is an island that cannot be included into Sharp Sea:

  • A196 (The East End) - (I) - 1145-1145/1164-1164, Eastern Ocean, isolated sim


Large parts of Eastern Ocean are covered with void gaps. To West, they are much more rare. Groups of islands surround these gaps in West, while in East, sim clusteres are surrounded by void.

One of the largest gaps is East to Gaeta continents. Maybe, that is where the other 3 Gaetas were supposed to be created. Today, Gaeta 1 has the lowest population density and is still unfinished. Gaeta 5 is finished, but also a lot of abandoned lnad can be seen there, so it is unlikely that other continents will be created soon in this area. More probably, this place will remain empty for a while.

Another large gap is between Satori and the Sharp Islands. This ga is larger. In old times, when the teen grid was separated, it was important to keep a distance to the other places.

Finally, one gap is between grid sectors K11 and K12.

East Basin

The East basin is very large, spread over 7 grid sectors, but with a very low sim density. It is located in grid sectors L11, L12, L13, M10, M11, M12 and M13, so it coveres more then 50% of surface but less then 30% of land.

Grid Sector L11, coordinates 1200-1300/1100-1200, almost entire sector is void

Grid Sector L12, coordinates 1200-1300/1200-1300, almost entire sector is void

Grid Sector L13, coordinates 1200-1300/1300-1400, almost entire sector is void

  • A205! A205 Sim Group - (I) - 1323-1324/1094-1104 - remote sim group
  • Another isolated sim existed on our first survey, it vanished until Octomber 11th, 2013

Grid Sector M10, coordinates 1300-1400/1000-1100, almost all sector is void

Grid Sector M11, coordinates 1300-1400/1100-1200, almost all sector is void

  • A053 A053 Sim Cluster - S - 1347-1358/1171-1182 - Eastern Ocean, isolated sim cluster
  • A203! A203 Sim Cluster - (S) - 1290-1315/1180-1220 - (no access)
  • A205! A205 Sim Group - (I) - 1323-1324/1094-1104 - remote sim group
  • There are maximum 5 unassociated sims.

Grid Sector M12, coordinates 1300-1400/1200-1300, almost all sector is void

Grid Sector M13, coordinates 1300-1400/1300-1400, almost all sector is void

  • A054 Teaching Sims - S - 1370-1384/1374-1389 - with 2 other isolated sims, forms a remote sea


  1. The sign ! means that the structure appears in two grid sectors.
  2. The East Basin can be divided into two remote seas: Remote North East Sea might be formed of sim cluster A054, sector M12. Another sea, Remote East Sea, can be formed by 3 other structures.
  3. Unassociated sims are very rare.

Some of these islands are Linden owned and are used as an alternative destination for new avatars. Also, some are hold by institutions and are used as a destination for teens.

Vanished Seas

Remote South East Sea existed in Summer 2013, now it no longer exists. It was the most southern part of this ocean. At its coordinates, 1240-1290/680-780, there was nothing but void for a long time. Recently (January 2014) it is back on the map.

Older maps show that there was something in East, probably within grid sectors M7...O8. They existed somewhere around 2010.

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