Shopping Continent

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Shopping Continent

This is the smallest continent and is a shoppers' and merchants' paradise. It has no seas, just endless shops, connected with roads, on a large plain. If you have money to waste, this is the best destination.

Estate: Something Estates


Shopping Continent road map

The general aspect is that of a gigantic supermarket. It is owned by a single estate. Its location is South to Satori. An interesting fact is that almost every sim has a central infohub that looks like a park or like a square. There are cars driving on local roads. This continent has automated transportation.

Altitude is 35 meters (a perfect plain). In infohubs, in places with water, altitude is 30 meters. Water level is 34 meters. Editing the altitude map for this continent makes no sense, since all land should fit between 20 and 40 meters.

Shopping Continent has no ban lines or entity orb teleporters, the highest road density of all continents and a lot of people that want you inside their shops. So, this is the continent with the highest accesibility.


The road network has about 25 km length and automated transport. Roads are placed in paralell, like the American streets. This system allows a very good access to all parcels. It is easy for clients to move this way from a shop to another. There are taxi vehicles that circle along all roads, with stops at the sim central infohubs and with informations for travellers. They are a very good way to get a complete tour of the continent. These vehicles are owned by a single person. So, we can say that Shopping Continent has an Automated Transportation company with continental coverage.

As a result, Road efficiency index is 11.60, the highest value from all continents. For more details, see Private Continents Network.


The date when this continent got over 30 sims is unknown. Its owner, Somebody Estate, is estabilished since 2005 and part of this continent was built a long time ago.

Statistic data

Size in sims: 33 (N-S 7, E-W 6)

Size in meters: 2.16 square km (1.79/1.53 km)

Sea sims (only water): 0

Coast sims (land & water): 1

Land sims (no water): 32 (however, they might have fountains or small pools)

Sims with road access: 32

Population density: average (daily fluctuations)


The Coordinates are in sims, format longitude(min-max)/latitude(min-max) from Gridsurvey [1].

Continent: 1095-1100/974-980

Grid Sector: J9

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