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Private continents have their own Protected Land, their own roads, railways and waterways. Even if they are much smaller is surface, sometimes the infrastructure or the waterways are far more complex then what is found on Linedn-own continents.

Blake Sea

Second Norway road & railway

Blake Sea has a vast network of waterways. There is a single exception, Second Norway, a place in North-East. Second Norway has its own road network and railway - Second Norway Railway. The roads form a complex network that links the islands. Bridges are able to change their positions to allow boats to pass. Central road network is made of 6.74 km of road, but there are many paths and off-road trails.

Technical data (roads):

Road:                    6.74 km
Paths & off-road:       ~2.00 km
Land surface:            1.64 square km
Land coverage (road):    4.11 km/square km
Railway:                 3.42 km
Railway is uncomplete!!! <work in progress>
Land coverage (rail):    2.09 km/square km

Caledon - Winterfel

Caledon - Winterfel infrastructure

Caledon - Winterfel is a private-owned continent composed of two states: Caledon and Winterfel, each one with its own infrastructure. Caledon has a fragmented road network, made mostly of urban roads. These roads are paved. Connection is made with the great and famous Caledon Railway. Winterfell has only a few limited roads and many paths. Transportation is done mainly by sailing.

Technical data is displayed with an error of 15%.

Caledon road network:        11.50 km
Winterfel roads:              0.70 km
Winterfel paths:              1.30 km
Total road:                  12.20 km
Total paths:                  1.30 km
Total road infrastructure:   13.50 km
Unconnected road pieces:        12
Water access:                  yes
Land surface:                 3.60 square km
Land coverage:                3.75 km of road per square km


Eden is an island continent and has no roads, except probably a few beach roads limited to one or two tropical islands.

Estate Continent

Estate Continent roads

Estate Continent was fromed when a few estates merged into a large map structure. It has its own road network. It is the only continent with a highway. Majority of roads are in straight line, exceptions are in the two landmasses in center. It is important to note that every part of this continent has different types of roads, their texture and design is not the same.

The following numbers are distances measured in km. Estimated error is below 10%:

South West:     5.00
South:          4.86
South East:     7.17
Far SE:         4.35
East:           2.56
Central West:   6.16
Central East:   2.95
TOTAL ROADS:   33.05
Highway:        3.60
GRAND TOTAL:   33.65

Europe Continent

Europe Continent has no roads or if it has, they are very short and limited to parcel size.


Fairchang is a tropical beach paradise. It has no roads or if it has, they are small beach trails limited to the size of a parcel.


IGBC Continent is a gay place. From map, it looks like it has two sim-size roads, with a total length of about 0.4 km.

Mar Lesbiana

Mar Lesbiana road network

Mar Lesbiana is the lesbian continent. It is a tropical beach paradise, but it has a road system, extensive in some parts and reduced to a border road in others. Unfortunately, land does not allow scripts entry and there is no lesbian inside Second Life Geography team, so the data is mostly based on what we see on the map.

The road in South looks unrepaired and climbs some mountains in South-East. There is even a special place for car racing. In North, roads are better.

Estimated road length:    8.20 km (32 sim lengths)
Continent size:           2.88 square km (44 sims)
Land coverage:            2.85 km per square km.


Seductive Continent is the newest of all continents. It is an adult tropical beach paradise, without roads (or if they exist, they are limited to small islands on the parcels).

Shopping Continent

Shopping Continent

Shopping Continent has a well-advanced road network. The roads are paralell, just like the streets in America. Each sim has two streets going North-south and two streets going East-West. In center there is a quadruple intersection, with an infohub. Automated Transportation is present.

This is a themed continent, that looks like a giant mall.

Road network:        25 km
Surface:             2.16 square km
Land coverage:       11.6 km per square km.

By far, this is the best land coverage of all road networks on all continents.

Uhre Continent

Uhre Continent is a fabulous middle-age place, with dragons and many legendary creatures and places. It has roads, but they are not connected and not very important. More often, the roads are in fact paths, limited to parcel or to a sim.

Wild West

Wild West is a themed roleplay continent. It has a limited road network, usually made of paths, inside one or two sims. Their importance is limited. Since access is allowed through majority of parcels, roads are not important here.

Vanished continents

Irish - Bonaire

Irish - Bonaire was a tropical beach paradise. Roads didn't exist or if they did, they were limited to small parcels on the islands.

No Access Continent

This continent existed until summer 2013. It had the form of an empty square, with its sims connected by a large road. It had access restrictions.

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