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Europe Continent in Sep 2014

Europe Continent (or Europe Sea) is a private continent, created with the particular style of European middle-ages. The geographic features vary from place to place. There are many navigable channels and internal seas. Buildings are middle-age themed and usually the residents wear middle-age costumes. The name is not official.

The official name is Buona Pesca Archipelago. The owners didn't see it as a continent (even if it has more then 30 sims, so it is a continent).

In September 2014, its size slowly decreased to 30 sims and its shape changed into a square. So, Bueno Pesca is in a great risk of becoming a Microcontinent if it loses one more sim.

Statistic Data

Size in sims: 30 (7/6)

Size in meters:2.16 square km (1.79/1.54 km)

Sea sims (flooded with water): 0

Coast sims (with water access): 30

Land sims (no water): 0

Sims with road access: 0

Population density: high.


Altitude map

This continent is composed of a high number of islands, separated by rivers or channels. Waterways are not large to form inland seas, but they still are navigable. Islands are smaller or larger, they fit inside a single sim or cover multiple sims. Average altitude is higher then 20 meters and more then half of the land is above sea level.

The highest Altitude (66 meters) is in Porto Di Crotone sim, on the top of a mountain. There are a few higher hills and some low mountains allover the continent. Flat plateaus are also present.


Europe Waterways

Except for a few limited paths, there are no (or almost no) roads in Bueno Pesca. Main transportation is done by Waterways (for inter-sim transport) and by walking, riding or possibly flying inside a sim. Waterway Efficiency Index is estimated at 8.796.

There are no (or almost no) ban lines and entity orbs along this continent. Still, since it is a medieval roleplay community, it is recommended to have adequate outfits.


The following Coordinates are in sims, with the format: longitude(min-max)/latitude(min-max). Coordinates can be obtained for every sim from Gridsurvey [1].

Continent: 898-903/1306-1312

Grid Sector: H13, I13

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