Mar Lesbiana

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Mar Lesbiana

Mar Lesbiana is a new Continent. In November 30th 2013, it had 38 sims. The minimum number of sims required of a continent is 30.


Mar Lesbiana was a large Microcontinent. Its temporary name was A004, that means it was the 4th microcontinent discovered by Second Life Geography project. At that time (August 2013), it counted 20 sims and had a different shape.

In December 2nd 2013, a new sim was added to East.


Altitude map

Mar Lesbiana is, like Blake Sea, a tropical beach paradise. It has many islands and a lot of navigable Water. The vast majority of sims are openspace and maturity rating is adult. It is a continent for women, men will be ejected when found.

In North-East, land is more frequent and there are a few roads. The road network stretches through 10 sims, on the East border of the continent. It is a road made of a bad asphalt, while in South it is continued with a country road.

Nearly all sims share the words Mar Lesbiana in their name.


This continent is a tropical beach paradise, so altitude is not expected to be high. There are many islands and sometimes they are elevated (not much, see the altitude map). Islands are higher then what is found in Blake Sea. The parcels in East, where is also the road system, are more flat then the islands in West.

Maximum Altitude was found to be 65 meters. This is not a mountain, but a small plateau surrounded by water. There is a house on its top.


Mar Lesbiana road & waterways

Since this is a continent composed of many islands, the main way of transportation is by water. However, there is a road along South and East border, with many bridges. The fact that scripts are not allowed here limits driving and sailing to a themed group.

See Private Continents Network and Waterways for more information.

Road length:          8.20 km
Continent size:       2.88 square km (May 2014)
Water access:          yes
Remote road pieces       0
Restrictions:          yes, no scripts

Road efficiency index: 2.456

Waterway Efficiency Index: 5.390

Total efficiency index: 7.846


Our survey detected no Land With Restricted Access, but a lot of Protected Land.Road and water allow access to the entire continent and also flying is possible without restrictions. One problem is that scripts are not allowed.

Access is restricted for men. There are warning signs for this.


Coordinates are shown in sims, like at Gridsurvey: longitude (min-max)/latitude (min-max).

Mar Lesbiana: 1034-1042/1374-1378.

Grid Sector is J13.


Size in sims: 39 (9/6)

Size in km: 2.56 (2.30/1.54)

Flooded sims (no dryland): 1

Coast sims (water and land): 37

Dryland sims: 1

Sims without direct access: 0

Sexual Minorities

It is interesting that another new continent is IGBC Continent, more likely a Gay place. Close to it there is GAY Microcontinent. Now, that Mar Lesbiana has become a continent, it looks like Second Life offers complete sexual freedom for minorities.

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