IGBC Continent

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IGBC Continent

This is a group of 37 sims, majority of the sims form a tropical beach haven. It has more then 30 sims, connected and with common geographical features and common transportation ways (water), so it completes the Continent definition. The continent is new. The sims in South are more populated and have lesswater. Some sims are compleatly flooded. Land for sale is rare.

IGBC means International Gay Beach Club.


Size in sims: 37 (8/7)

Size in km: 2.42 (2.05/1.79)

Sea sims (only water): 10

Coast sims (water and land): 27

Land sims (no water): 0

Sims woth road: probably 0

Sims without direct access: 0

Population density: average


Altitude map

Almost all the continent is below sea level, so it has a lot of navigable Water. There are many flooded sims. Maximum Altitude is between 40 and 60 meters. The sims in South are owned by a different estate then the majority of sims, named IGBC. There are 3 sims in South: Friends, Navan and Gay Zone Germany. The work Gay also appears in the name of another sim, in the center of the continent. This continent might be created for LGBT people.

On May 2014, the continent has incresed its size with new sims in South East.


IGBC transportation

Most probably, the main way of transportation is sailing. There are two unconnected roads, with a total length of 0.4 km. For the continental size, this means a Road efficiency index of 0.149. See Private Continents Network for more info.

Waterway Efficiency Index is 8.570. Still, it could be much higher, since no ban lines and entity orbs have been detected.

Total efficiency index is 8.719.


Coordinates are in format longitude(min-max)/latitude(min-max) in the similar way used by Gridsurvey [1]:

Continent: 783-789/1333-1340

Grid Sector: G13

Sexual Minorities in Second Life

Mar Lesbiana is the newest continent. It raised from Microcontinent status to Continent in late November 2013. Since IGBC Continent hosts Gay-named sims and nearby is GAY Microcontinent and now there is a Lesbian continent, it can be claimed that there is a somewhat sizable LGBT community within Second Life.

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