Teaching Sims

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M13 sector
Remote Eastern Sea

The Teaching Sims are a Sim Cluster. It has the transitory name A054 and is the only structure inside Grid Sector M13. It is placed inside Eastern Ocean. Coordinates are 1370-1384/1374-1389. This sim cluster is very isolated and forms the Remote North West Sea. It is separated by more then 100 void sims to any nearby structure.


It is fromed by a central group of sims placed in contact on their diagonals. To North and South, there are also a few sims in contact one to another.


There is a level of elevation for each sim. There are hills and plains. Very interesting are the buildings that can be found here. Roads are also present.

Land Status

Rating is always general. Land is owned by teen estates (like an university). Access is not allowed for public in all sims.

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