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K11 sector

Serena is a large and compact Sim Cluster. It has Coordinates 1185-1215/1133-1150, that places it in Grid Sector K11, in Eastern Ocean. It also has the temporary name A050.


This is the largest sim cluster in the Eastern Ocean. Not only large, but it is also compact. Sims are placed in contact one with each other at their corners. There still are many gaps in the cluster structure. Overall, there are about 150 sims. All sims share the name Serena.

There is a visible gap between the sim cluster and any nearby map structures. To South-West, continents Gaeta 1 and Gaeta 5 are visible. Serena, however, has a higher population density then these continents have.


The sims can be grouped into a few categories:

Beach Sims have some common features. The ground has a sand texture. Tropical vegetation is present and so is Water. Overall Altitude is low. Buildings are usually beach-themed and woot is the most used material.

Green Sims form a second category. Ground texture is green, to look like grass. Vegetation is also present. Altitude is higher (mainly in the mountains that separate parcels). Water can be present, but not always. Buildings are made of different materials.

Unconventional Sims belong to no category. They have different textures.

Skyboxes were detected on our survey.

Land Status

Even if all sims share the name Serena, there is not a single estate (and not a single estate owner) owning land in here. Land With Restricted Access exists, our survey detected entity orbs and sims with restricted access. There is also land for sale.

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