A052 Sim Group

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L12 sector
A052 sim group

A052 is the temporary name of a Sim Group. It is placed at Coordinates 1209-1213/1277-1279, in Grid Sector L12, Eastern Ocean. It is very isolated of other structures by intersim void ocean. On the map, at low resolution, it looks like a white dot and it is one of the most representative feature of the Eastern Ocean.

The sims that form it are called MLBR Paraty, MLBR Trindale, Ubatuba, Praia Velmelha and Enseada. All sims are heavilly divided into small percels, separated each one by an alley. Overall, their population is higher then the average population for a sim. Maturity rating is General or Moderate. Altitude is low, in fact these sims are flat. Another feature is the white texture of the ground, that gives them this white color on map.

All these sims are owned by a single estate. Land is available for sale. Protected Land is present, in the form of sharp roads between parcels. Land With Restricted Access exists, but since there are roads that allows you to go anywhere, it is not a problem.

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