Northern Ocean

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Northern Ocean
Oceans, oct 2013, click for large
Northern Ocean, previous borders

Northern Ocean is a part of the grid with a high sim density.


Surface: 8.4 grid sectors

Surface without void gaps: 8.4

Sims: 4200

Sim Density: 5%

Unassoicated Sims: 40%

Previous Data

The Northern Oceanis was defined as a place souther then the Far North Ocean. Its boundaries were as follow: In South, it expands to the mainland continents of Gaeta 1, Heterocera and the private continents of Caledon - Winterfel and Irish - Bonaire. To South, the limit is marked by Eden and Europe Continent. It doesn't expand so much to West like the Far North Ocean.

These borders were not very visible. Irish - Bonaire lost a lot of sims and if the tendince continues, it will no longer be a Continent. More then 50% of its sims were in border regions of other oceans like Western Ocean, Far North Ocean and even Little Pacific Ocean. New borders, more clear, were needed.

Borders And Coordinates

Current borders include the most visible map structure in the area: Eden Continent. This continent is the only one that is clearly visible when the map is at lowest resolution and is the border between North - West Ocean, Far West Ocean, Western Ocean and Northern Ocean. So, to West, the border is a North-South line that goes through Eden, 680 paralell. This is close to the separation line between grid sectors F12 and G12. To South, the ocean border is also a line that goes through Eden Continent, the 1200 meridian. This is the separation line between G11 and G12 grid sectors. To East, the border is the 1100 paralell, separation line between grid sectors J12 and K12. To North, the separation line between grid sectors G13 and G14 (1400 meridian) is the point where Far North Ocean starts.

Coordinates are given in sims, like at Gridsurvey [1], in format longitude (min-max)/latitude (min/max).

Overall coordinates: 680-1100/1200-1400.

Grid Sector: F12, F13, G12, G13, H12, H13, I12, I13, J12, J13




This ocean contains a high number of 32 map structures. 13 of them are sim clusters, 18 are microcontinents and one is a microcontinent inside a sim cluster. Also, Europe Continent is inside this ocean. There are 6 megaclusters that expand from a grid sector to another. And even so, there still are a lot of unassociated sims. Some of these unassociated sims look like remnants of old sim clusters.

A004 Mar Lesbiana was a microcontinent that in December 2013 upgraded to continent. A126 GAY Microcontinent is also present, so these destinations are recommended, together with IGBC Continent for sexual minorities.

A002 is home of Liquid Designs, Bloodlines Headquaters. If you are a vampire or a lycan, you should visit these places. There are shops in sky platforms and interesting castles and landscapes on ground. It looks like here the sun never rises up completely.


Northern Ocean is placed inside 8 grid sectors and covers a small part of other two. So, it coveres 8.4 grid sectors, so it hosts about 20% of all private land. That is about 4000 sims, more then half of all Linden owned sims. This is a gigantic surface. A traveler sure has something to see here. From beach paradises to the dark and skairy lands of vampires and daemons, from romantic gardens to urban places, from places for love and passion to combat and torture sims, everything can be found here. You will never end visiting these places, because when you will finally finish this, you will discover that parcel owners have changed, new designers are building something unseen and where old islands vanished, new ones will raise. There is no general rule about what you will find and where. Just think that near a vampire castle you will not find a flower garden.

This ocean cannot be divided into seas. There are two continents in the area, Eden and Europe Continent, but the second one is too small to be clearly visible on world map at lowest resolution.

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