Little Pacific Ocean

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Central Ocean and Little Pacific Ocean
Oceans, oct 2013, click for large
Little Pacific Ocean

The name was suggested for this ocean by some residents who own land on some islands with beautiful oceanic beaches that look like the islands of Polinesia. This was the only ocean name suggested by someone. All other oceans have names are Geographic-related, like Western Ocean or Far North Ocean. Since our group introduced the name, nobody was against it, so it never changed and probably will never change.


Surface: 1.5 grid sectors

Surface without void gaps: 1.5

Sims: 750

Sim Density: 5.0%

Unassoicated Sims: 40%


Previous Data

This ocean had the following limits: mainland continents Heterocera and Sansara and private Estate Continent in East, while in West the boundaries were less clear marked by the small private continents Caledon - Winterfel, Fairchang and Uhre Continent. The density of islands seem to be higher in North then in south. However, only Caledon - Winterfel is large enough to be visible on map at lowest resolution, the other smaller continents are difficult to be found.

New Data

The previous borders were not well definned in North and South, so they had to be changed. Also, the Estate Sea is too small to be left alone, so it is better to merge it into this ocean. Estate Sea was at least 20 times smaller then Western Ocean or other distant oceans were. The ocean is separated by the next borders:

  • In West, the border is given by Caledon - Winterfel and a line that goes through this continent, from North to South, corresponding to the 910 paralell. That is close to the limit between grid sectors H10 and I10.
  • In East, the border is given by the visible continents Heterocera, Sansara and Jeogeot and follows the paralell 1000, the separation line between grid sectors I10 and J10. There is an exception: To include the small Estate Sea, the border moves further East in the space between Sansara and Jeogeot, to the A043 microcontinents (see below).
  • In South, border line is set by the meridian 900, that is the separation line between I8 and I9 sectors. This line goes through the extreme South of Jeogeot.
  • In North, the meridian 1067 is the border that separates both Central Ocean and Little Pacific Ocean from Little Northern Ocean. This line goes through central part of Corsica.


Coordinates are given in sims, format longitude (min-max)/ latitude (min-max), similar to the coordinates used by Gridsurvey[1]: 910-1000/900-1067.

Grid Sector: I9, I10



Little Pacific Ocean is the same size with Central Ocean. Both are the smallest oceans, less then 20% of Northern Ocean or Far West Ocean. However, since it is very close to mainland continents, it is easy to be noticed.

Sim density is high throughout the whole oceanic suface. There are no large gaps like in Eastern Ocean. In South, some important features on the map are visible. In North, Unassociated Sims are in majority, against larger structures. Many of these structures are themed and very interesting. An unique feature in Little Pacific Ocean is that some structures are very close to continents. A178 is very close to Jeogeot, A165 (West Heterocera Sims) is very close to Heterocera and A162 and A164 are very close to Sansara.

The ocean was named from some beach-paradise islands, but a traveler will find out that this ocean is much more complicated. Maturity levels vary from 'general' to 'adult'. A traveler will find everything, from tropical paradises to combat sims and roleplay areas.

Some of these sims are not opened for public access. The sandboxes (A043) and NUS microcontinent (A041) are good examples.

A061 (Arizona/Tombstone) is a microcontinent with many similarities with Wild West continent. When you go there, you will land in a skybox. Access to ground is possible only in western-style clothes.

There are also some places Gorean-related and Bloodlines-related.


The largest part of Little Pacific Ocean cannot be divided. Even if there are some differences between South and North sectors, they are not so visible. The only part that can be divided is Estate Sea.

Estate Sea

Estate Sea

This sea is between Sansara and Jeogeot and expands to West, to include the private Estate Continent. Majority of the sims close to the continent belong to the estates on the continent. Also, the Estate Sea has some large islands, made with up to 15 sims; some of them are not opend to public access.

The sea is composed of a large sim cluster, linked both Geographic and Economic to Estate Continent. At higher distance, there are Unassociated Sims and also small sim clusters. This is one of the most active part of the second Life Economy. Data from Gridsurvey shows that the overall number of sims is slowly decreasing, but in Estate Sea, new sims are created.

Estate Sea and Estate Continent are owned by many estates.

Coordinates: Estate Sea: 982-1000/800-1000

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