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I9 sector

The Lindenworld is a structure on the map, placed at Coordinates 920-936/947-960, Grid Sector I9, Little Pacific Ocean. It is a Sim Cluster that contains two microcontinents inside. It has the temporary name A161. It is West to Estate Continent and South to Caledon - Winterfel.


Unfortunately, access is not opened for public. We could not investigate this land.

Sims wothout public access

The West Microcontinent is formed of 4 sims: LindenWorld A, LindenWorld B, LindenWorld C, LindenWorld D. The East microcontinent also contains 4 sims: Linden Lab HQ 1, Linden Lab HQ 2, Linden Lab HQ 3, Linden Lab HQ 4. To East, there are other 2 sims: ll Immersive Workspaces and ll Immersive Workspaces 2, linked together. Another sim in South-East is named MarketingSL Island. In South-West, a sim is named LindenWorld Executive. Other more distant sims are PR Island, Madeira and NOC Island.

All these sims are Linden-owned (mainland).

Sims with public access

P Squared, Hippo Hollow, Hippo Island. P Squared is not Linden-owned land. The other two are connected together and are owned by one of the Lindens.

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