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Estate Continent
Estate Sea

Estate Sim Cluster is an extension of Estate Continent. It is a Sim Cluster with high density of sims. It is placed both in Grid Sector I9 and J9, Estate Sea (part of Little Pacific Ocean) and has coordinates 980-1009/944-964. It is very visible since it is in the space between Jeogeot and Sansara. It has the temporary name A207.


It is formed of many subdivisions:

  1. Cosmic Sims: 995-1003/957-962
  2. South Islands: 980-989/948-958
  3. South-East Islands: 990-1004/944-956
  4. Staging sims (no access): 1006-1009/960-964


It shows a high diversity of structures. Some of them are related to what is found on Estate Continent, some are different.

Very interesting are the Standing Sims. They form a Microcontinent that looks like the LR Sims microcontients and has no access, just like them.

Land Status

This sim cluster is owned by multiple estates from the continent. It very clear that its economy is dominated by what is on continent.

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