Estate Sandboxes

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J9 sector

A043 (or Estate Sandboxes) could be considered a Sim Cluster. It is made of 4 microcontinents, each Microcontinent made of 4 sims. Their Coordinates are 1023-1024/932-962, Grid Sector J9. They are the South border between Little Pacific Ocean (Estate Sea) and Central Ocean. Access is restricted, so there is no clear information what is there. All sims share the word sandbox in their names and there are people visible inside them.

Recently, one of the microcontinents almost vanished.

Each microcontinent also shares a common name, sims are identified by numbers:

  • Main Channel Sandbox
  • Blue Steel Sandbox (reduced to a single sim)
  • Magnum Sandbox
  • Le Tigre Sandbox.

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