A178 Sim Cluster

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J9 sector

A178 is the temporary name of a Sim Cluster. It is placed in Grid Sector J9 and is inside the Estate Sea, Little Pacific Ocean. Coordinates are 1000-1021/923-947.


This sim cluster is vixible on majority of maps with Jeogeot. It is placed between Jeogeot and Estate Continent. Sims are placed on diagonals, making a distinct structure visible on map. They are formed of less then 40 sims and can easy be grouped into two separate structures.


in sim Horseshoe Bay we detected altitudes close to 100 meters. It is a mountain range that separates two parcels. So, every sim has different features. There are also flat sims. Skyboxes exist and is nome places they double ground surface. Water is present and is used for many reasons.

Land Status

Land is owned by one estate of the Estate Continent. So, A178 must be economically connected with the continent and must be considered an extension of the Estate Sim Cluster.

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