Far West Ocean

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Far West Ocean
Oceans, oct 2013, click for large

Far West Ocean is a part of the grid, that includes the far West sims. The former Western Ocean was too large and included about 40% of private land (that is about 8000 sims, more then all Linden owned land together). At that size, it had to be split in two parts. Also, its borders were very unclear. Many of the private-owned continents used as borders for the Western Ocean are too small to be visible on all maps. So, a much better way to divide the huge ocean at West to mainland continents is to use the most massive and visible structure in the aria, Eden continent.


Surface: 8.4 grid sectors

Surface without void gaps: 5.9

Sims: 3000

Sim Density: 3.5%

Unassoicated Sims: 66%

Coordinates and borders

Eden is the largest private continent in the area. It is visible on the online map at lowest resolution. So, the border between oceans can be set by the position to this continent. The result is that Eden divides the grid into four oceans: [North - West Ocean]], Northern Ocean, Western Ocean and Far West Ocean. To separate these oceans, all that is needed is to draw a line on the North-South axis and one on the East-West axis.

Coordinates are in sims, like at Gridsurvey [1] and have the format longitude (min-max)/latitude (min-max). Eden has the following coordinates: 676-692/1196-1213, so a round value should be 680/1200. The separation line for the Far West Ocean can be set as follows: To North, the 680 meridian, a line that goes through center of Eden, close to teh line that separates grid sectors F10 and G10. to East the 1200 paralell, also a line that goes through the center of Eden. This is the separation line between grid sectors F11 and F12. To South, the line is the 900 meridian, separation line between grid sectors E8 and E9. This line is almost the South limit of Jeogeot. To West, the ocean is extended to the most Western sims.

Overall coordinates give Far Western Ocean the form of a square. Coordinates are: 400-680/900-1200.

Grid Sector: D9, D10, D11, E9, E10, E11, F9, F10, F11.


D9 sector
D10 sector
D11 sector
E9 sector
E10 sector
E11 sector
F9 sector
F10 sector
F11 sector

This ocean has nearly the form of a square. It covers 9 grid sectors. However, the sectors in West are not completely covered with sims and the sectors in East are not completely covered with Far West Ocean. A small part of them belong to Western Ocean. So, we can conclude that at its average density, it coveres only 6 grid sectors. Sim density is big and there are no void gaps.

Overall Data

It is impossible to divide Far West Ocean into smaller seas. There are no major void gaps and the only continent in the area is Eden. Also, there is a very smooth transition to the nearby oceans, so a Geograph must keep an eye on the Eden Continent to know where the border is.

Overall, there are 38 structures, 24 sim clusters and 14 microcontinents. 14 of them have names that can be seen in sim names. Almost all microcontinents are owned by a single estate. Usually, sims that form a microcontinent (and sometimes a sim cluster) are themed. This part of the grid is shared by powerfull estates, but there still are many estates that own a single sim. Places without public access are present, but not too many. A traveler in this ocean will find so many interesting places, with all maturity levels.

A094 (Coeur) is a French microcontinent. Almost everything there is written in French.

A018 (Lionheart) hosts its own multisim railway and even a subway.

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