A086 Sim Cluster

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E9 sector

A086 is the temporary name of a Sim Cluster. It can be found at Coordinates 555-575/914-921, inside Grid Sector E9, Far West Ocean.

This sim cluster is very close to the void ocean. If you travel to South, sim density decreases dramatically.

It is composed of two parts. In East, there is a Microcontinent with 7 sims disposed in a line, with tropical beach islands separated by water. In West, the sim cluster is made of sims placed without an order. It is not a clear separation line between A086 and its Western neighbour structure, A014 sim cluster.

In East, parcels are separated by water and form large islands. In West, parcels are not always separated by large obstacles. The sims in West are much more diverse and include also a few shops. The sims in East are more residential.

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