Fatimas Microcontinent

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Fatimas or A022 is a Microcontinent that can be found at Coordinates 533-536/1084-1088, Grid Sector E10, Far North Ocean.


It is composed of 8 sims, plus two sims that are in contact with the microcontinent at their corners. It is not a compace microcontinent. Majrity of sims share the world Fatimas in their name.


This microcontinent is full of fantastic landscapes. There are large and sharp valleys, suspended gardens and fabulous forests. Maximum Altitude is close to 100 meters. There are also horses. Buildings are from Vicrorian era and vary from small homes to castles and churches. To travel accross land, there is a road network that passes over rivers with the help of a few bridges. Shops are also present.

Land Status

Our survey detected no Land With Restricted Access. It looks like people is very friendly here.

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