A014 Sim Cluster

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E9 sector

A014 is a Sim Cluster placed at Coordinates 499-541/900-920, both in Grid Sector D9 and E9, in Far West Ocean.


Only a small part of this sim cluster is in D9 (in fact a grid sector almost entirely void). In E9, it covers more then half of the sim. This means that its surface is higher then any Continent. Sim density is, however, very low, the same density seen in nearby Unassociated Sims. It has 150 sims. For comparation, Serena Sim Cluster is 10 times smaller, but has the same number of sims. In some places, this sim cluster is composed of sims with mathematical disposition.


As expected, this sim cluster offers a high variety of landscapes. One of the most notable places are wonderland-themed sims or parcels, with unusual objects. In Venezia Island there is a mountain of 94 meters high (and it is not the only one). Ground textures vary from sim to sim and also with Altitude.

Land Status

Sims are owned by multiple estates (and also by multiple estate owners). So, this sim cluster is not the design of a single mind. Many sims are divided into parcels for their owners. Land With Restricted Access exists, but also Protected Land can be found.

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