Dreamworld Sim Cluster

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F9 sector

Dreamworld is a Sim Cluster and has the transitory name A035. It is located in Grid Sector F9, Coordinates 642-670/928-942, Western Ocean.


It is composed of 180 sims, all (or nearly all) sharing the word Dreamworld in their name.


Majority of the sims are tropical beach - themed, but there are a few exceptions. Also the vast majority of sims don't offer much elevation.

Land Status

There is a single estate on the area.

Land can easy be divided into Unused Land and Land With Restricted Access. Protected Land is rare. Land with restricted access is so often found, that it covers more then 50% of all land and probably 80% of all Inhabited Land. This is very unusual, not many places are so aggresive to visitors. Unused land is almost always land for sale and covers 25 or 30% of all land.

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