A105 Sim Cluster

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F9 sector

A105 is the transitory name of a Sim Cluster that was identified at Coordinates 605-663/963-999, in Grid Sector F9, Far West Ocean.


It is composed of 40 sims and is diffuse. No mathematic distribution can be seen. To West or East, there is no visibile separation between the sim cluster and Unassociated Sims, while in South, the border is very clear and visible.


There is a varitey of places. some of the sims are made to recreate a tropical beach paradise, while others are different: a plain with swamps, hills and a lot of residential area.

Land Status

There are multiple estates owning land in here. The bigest surprise is the presence of sims owned by Bonaire, who owns the largest part of Irish - Bonaire continent.

There is land available for sale or for rent.

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