A016 Sim Cluster

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E10 sector

A016 is the temporary name of a Sim Cluster located at Coordinates 529-547/1014/1028, Grid Sector E10, Far West Ocean.


This sim cluster is visible since it has a high sim density, much higher then the nearby Unassociated Sims. Very interesting that it is actually a cluster inside a cluster. In its center, there is a smaller sim cluster, where sims are placed in contact one to the other at their corners. They are surrounded by sims with mathematical disposition (they form squares), placed at a distance of one void sim one to another. There are 80 to 90 sims.


There are a few similarities between the sims found here. Ground has a light-green texture (except for very low land, that is sandy, white). There are low and wide mountains, but you can always find large plateaus. It looks like this is more a residential land.

Land Status

As usually in the far West sim clusters, land is owned by a single estate. There is land available for sale. Land With Restricted Access exists, with the use of entity orb teleporters or whole sims have restricted access.

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