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E10 sector

Elven sims are composed of a Sim Cluster that contains 7 icrocontinents and have also the temporary name A021. Coordinates are 551-562/1056-1066, Grid Sector is E10, inside Far West Ocean.


This sim cluster has an interesting structure. It can be divided easy:

  • Elven Microcontinent (in center, 15 sims)
  • East Microcontinent(10 sims)
  • Shea Microcontinent (4 sims)
  • West Microcontinent (7 sims)
  • North-West Microcontinent (5 sims)
  • Far East Microcontinent (2 sims)
  • ShamRock Microcontinent (8 sims)
  • Flangan Sim Group (7 sims)
  • Unconnected sims

Only the LR Sims have such a big number of microcontinents inside.


  • Elven microontinent is a place that is overwhelmed of green vegetation.
  • West microcontinent is more deserted then other places, but still in open air.
  • Shea microcontinent is full of wild places.
  • West microcontinent is most notable for its wilderness.
  • North-West microcontinent shows diversity.
  • Far East microcontinent contains residential land and water, but vegetation is not tropical.
  • ShamRock sims are tropical beach-themed, with great welcome places.
  • Flangan sims have a lot of skyboxes and lush vegetation on ground.
  • Unconnected sims show a big diversity.

It is interesting that population is made of furries. Also, highest Altitude detected was 102 meters.

Land Status

There is a big number of estates in the area. Also, our survey detected no Land With Restricted Access.

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