A030 Sim Cluster

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F11 sector

A030 is the temporary name of a Sim Cluster that can be identified at Coordinates 634-650/1176-1185, Grid Sector F11, Far West Ocean. It is placed at about 50 sims West from Eden Continent, one of the most important orientation points on the map.


It is formed of about 200 sims, larger then any private-owned Continent. This makes it cover a large prat of its grid sector. Parts of this sim cluster have mathematical distribution (and forms squares, with one void sim between every two sims).


There is a high number of skyboxes in this sim cluster. Some of them are shops, while others are beautiful gardens. On ground, altitude is usually low and Water is present. There is even a sim 90% flooded. There is a high variety of ground textures, buildings and plants.

Land Status

More then 50% is Land With Restricted Access. Many sims are not opened for public, while others have entity orb teleporters. 90% (Probably all) sims are owned by a single estate owner.

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