A109 Sim Cluster

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F11 sector

A109 is the transitory name of a Sim Cluster that was detected at Coordinates 621-673/1118-1134, inside Grid Sector F11, Far West Ocean. More exactly, it is 70 sims South-West to Eden Continent.


It has 60 - 80 sims. Its form is a bit strange, very long on East - West axis and not too wide on North - South axis. It doesn't have the same wideness and not the same sim density. There are parts where sims are placed in mathematical order, to form squares.


Mountains are used sometimes to separate parcels. They have massive shapes, and altitude less then 60 meters and are doubled by water channels. In many places there can be found rivers and bridges. Like anywhere, tropical beach paradise is one important theme, but not the only one.

Many parcels are residential, but not only. There is even an art gallery.

Land Status

This sim cluster is owned by one estate. If there is another one, it holds less then 10% of sims. Land With Restricted Access exists. There are both ban lines, entity orbs and sims with restricted access.

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