A092 Sim Cluster

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E11 sector

A092 is the temporary name of a Sim Cluster placed at Coordinates 565-581/1135-1146, Grid Sector E11, Far West Ocean.


It is composed of 40 sims. Part of them are placed in mathematic distribution and form squares. To East, 3 sims are linked together. To North, there are a few sims that might be considered both as part of the sim cluster or as Unassociated Sims.


Majority of these sims are beach-themed. Ground texture is white sand, vegetation is tropical and Water is present, both for decorative reasons and to separate parcels. The remaining sims are covered with grass and use mountains to separate land into parcels. These mountains are lower then 50 meters.

Land Status

There is a single estate owning land in the area and land is available for sale, Also, it is more a residential land.

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