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Lionheart (or A018 on its temporary name) is a Microcontinent placed at Coordinates 511-515/1046-1050, in Grid Sector E10, that corresponds to Far West Ocean.


The microcontinent is formed of 16 sims. All16 share tne name 'Lionheart'. It is not very compact. It doesn't have a high elevation, in fact almost all microcontinent is a large flat plain. The plain is covered with urban land, with a high density of roads and a railway (see below). There are some rural sims in North, where a traveler can find rivers, small hills and even a mountain. The highest Altitude is in Lionheart Kopa, 55 meters. There are a few mountains in a park and a church. Interesting that the center - Lionheart Pumbaa - is a flat plain with altitude of 50 meters.

Water exists on the microcontinent, but it is only decorative water. It forms rivers and lakes and it is too small for sailing. Lionheart has one of the highest percent of dryland compared to other map structures.


The urban part of the microcontinent has a high road density. Parcels are visible separated by roads and there in no parcel without direct access. Roads are present also in the rural part, where they have a lower density, but still there is no sim without road access.

Lionheart has a railway, Lionheart Railway. Very interesting is that this railway is part double and part of it is a subway.

Land Status

Land is owned by a single estate. There is land for sale, on small parcels. Protected Land exists, it is formed of roads, railway and a few parks. Land With Restricted Access, if exists, is not a problem, since the infrastructure allows people to visit all places.

Heterocera Colony

There is a small railway that connects Oculea and Lebeau sims, in Heterocera. In Lebeau, there is a rail depot, owned by the same estate with Lionheart Microcontinent. There are available informations about the Lionheart rentals.

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