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J9 sector

A044 is a Sim Cluster with Coordinates 1067-1073/932-936, Grid Sector J9, Central Ocean. A044 is a transitory name given by Second Life Geography team.


It is a small sim cluster, like all in Central Ocean. It is placed East to Jeogeot and South - West to Shopping Continent. It is made of 15 sims, with a higher sim density in center.


Sims in center are beach paradise - themed, with water, ground texture made to look like sand, low altitude and tropical vegetation. In West, there are also sims with water and tropical vegetation, but with some mountains (maximum altitude of 40 meters) and more grass textures. In South, you can find sims with green ground texture and some flower gardens. Shops are present.

Land Status

These sims are not owned by the same estate. Only central sims are owned by the same estate. Land With Restricted Access exists here. Maturity rating includes both moderate and adult sims.

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