State Of Mind Microcontinent

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State Of Mind

This is a Microcontinent with a temporary name A163. It can be found inside Grid Sector I9, in Little Pacific Ocean. Coordinates are 955-957/978-980. It is placed West to Estate Continent or Sansara.


It is made of 9 sims, that form a square on the map. Every sim has the world mind in its name. The central sim is more eleveted (60 meters) and has a small lake in its center. All sims are made of a large central island, surrounded by water. Every sim is made with plenty of romantic areas and a beach.

The sims are: State Of Mind, Loss Of Mind, Bear In Mind, Change Of Mind, Estate Of Mind, Clarity Of Mind, Peace Of Mind, Out Of Mind and Never Mind. Estate is Mindless Islands.

There is no high-developed infrastructure, but sailing is possible. Land With Restricted Access exists.

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