Arizona/Tombstone Microcontinent

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Arizona Tombstone

Arizona/Tombstone is a Microcontinent with temporary name A061, located at Coordinates 966-968/1044-1047, Grid Sector I10, Little Pacific Ocean.


It is composed of 9 sims. This is a Western-themed roleplay and combat area.


Land is dry, desert. Ground texture is white-to-red. It looks like the Western deserts. There are a few rivers, but all land sround them is dry. Mountains and hills are persent, with maximum Altitude of 50 meters. Interesting is that in this microcontinent there is a mine somewhere in South. Another mine is in Wastelands, also a Microcontinent (for more info, see Caves & Mines. Vegetation is reduced to a few trees, small parcels with grass for your horses and desert plants. Horses are present here.

Transportation is possible by horse or by walking, not by flying. There is even an alternative way, Tombstone Railway.

Land Status

Only a few sims allow access for everyone. The other sims have restricted acces. You need to wear Western clothes to enter and a special combat meter. This is a wild place and there is a risk to get shot.

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